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Another way to change the sketch plane is to put the sketch on an offset plane or a plane that can otherwise be driven by a dimension (for example, using reference sketch geometry). Actually moving a sketch to another plane can cause the sketch to rotate or flip. Moving the plane it is on is a better option that does not cause the sketch to rotate or flip. n
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BACKUP DATABASE Databasename TO DISK = file location WITH NAME = backup name
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You can also opt to send a fax from an application. Using the application necessary to read the file you wish to send, go to File Print menu and select Fax from the list of printers. A Windows Fax and Scan new fax message opens up with the file as an attachment. You can then perform the steps listed above.
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24.6 Coding
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The next batch tests the InvTrans_Aggregate trigger by inserting a transaction and observing the inventory transaction and the inventory tables:
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In this step, the default rendering of each entity type is determined. Typically, some form of HTML or XML template is chosen or developed in which the relevant information for each entity can be inserted. Note that this default rendering can later be overridden for speci c user pro les (Figure 9.2). Example. Entities are shown as a link along with a summary of the content, based on an HTML template. By clicking on the URL the content opens in a separate window for viewing. The source of the information that is used for rendering the entities is the ontological meta-data.
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Characteristic Excitement Price Quality Availablity Advertisement Selling theme Life Service
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Figure 23-16: Windows Live SkyDrive is an online storage service.
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With classic ASP, you could create a Web application by having a collection of .asp files and a global.asa file within the root directory. It's important to note that these classic files can reside in the same virtual directory as your .aspx pages with the global.asax file and they won't interfere with each other. These two applications won't share state or events. In the usual fashion, when people upgrade from one version of a product to another, the new version ususally overrides the older one. But in this case, ASP.NET doesn't override the classic ASP dynamic link library (DLL). Instead, files run side-byside. However, intermingling the two may prove problematic because the two versions don't share state or events. With the growth of the Internet and the wide acceptance of the Web browser as a way to port information and applications around the world, more and more emphasis is being placed upon Web applications. It's now becoming a stronger necessity in development to make a group of pages work together just as a group of forms can work together in a Win32 application. The increasing popularity of the Internet as a portal for Web application development is directly related to the growth of the Internet as a whole. It is becoming far easier for companies and organizations to use a browser to port their applications, instead of forcing users to install a certain version of an application on their machines at home or at work. Porting their applications through the browser guarantees users the latest version of the application. Users are also quite knowledgeable these days about working in forms that are in a browser. It is also far better not to worry about the end user's hardware situation and push the data, as opposed to pulling data in a Win32 application. Probably the biggest concern with Web application development for programmers is state management, or the applications' ability to pass the value of variables from one page to another. How you handle this matter also addresses issues with security and server resources.
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FIGURE 8.9 BER performance obtained with conventional dual-diversity as compared with rate- 1 coding for bandwidth expansion factor Bc = 4. (From [Pro01] McGraw-Hill with 2 permission.)
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Part 5: Programming in Ubuntu
CHAPTER 5 Printers
Reproduced with permission from Rappaport [1996] IEEE.
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