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Locate the footer div and add the following line of code after it:
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Figure 19-15: Line numbers displayed in the Text Editor margin Turning on the Enable single-click URL navigation option allows you to navigate to a URL that is embedded in your code with a single click (refer to Figure 19-13). Otherwise, it requires a double-click. The Navigation bar option displays the Object and Procedures header at the top of the Text Editor, as shown in Figure 19-16.
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For more information on the creation, editing, management, and placement of blocks, see 22.
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The model code creates a Ruby class for each table used in the application. The model code implements each of the CRUD elements to create, read, update, and delete data in the table. All interaction with the database is performed using the Model code. The controller code implements actions that the client takes within the application, called the representational state (shortened to REST) of the application. Each representational state of a web application indicates an action that s requested by a client regarding the data in the application, such as viewing, adding, or deleting data. Table 29-3 shows the REST actions implemented in Rails.
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to the device or program that encodes or decodes a digital stream of data or signal.
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oriented attachment allows for controlling the nanowire morphology. In addition to straight wires, zigzag, helical, branched, and tapered nanowires can all be prepared by adjustment of the reaction conditions (Fig. 10.3e,f). The different nanowire morphologies may be advantageous depending on the applications. Straight nanowires with minimal surface roughness provide the high carrier mobilities necessary for high-performance FETs.10 On the other hand, the performance of nanowire-based sensors39,40 and photovoltaic devices41 should improve by increasing the wire surface area; i.e., highly branched nanowires may best match the requirements for these applications. The performance of nanowire-based thermoelectric devices42 may substantially bene t from the multiple scattering of acoustic phonons in zigzag and helical nanowires. Several techniques are available to produce single- and multiwall carbon nanotubes (CNTs), including arc discharge, laser ablation, high-pressure carbon monoxide decomposition (HiPco), and chemical vapor deposition (CVD).7,43,44 In the arc discharge process, the carbon contained in the negative electrode sublimates because of the high temperatures caused by the discharge. In the laser ablation process, a pulsed laser vaporizes a graphite target, which condenses in the form of CNTs. This method produces primarily singlewalled carbon nanotubes with a controllable diameter determined by the reaction temperature. In CVD synthesis, the substrate is covered with a layer of metal catalyst particles, most commonly nickel, cobalt, or iron, and it is heated to approximately 700 C in an atmosphere of a carbon-containing gas (such as acetylene, ethylene, ethanol, and methane).45 Of the various means for nanotube synthesis, CVD shows the most promise for industrial-scale deposition in terms of its price/unit ratio. The development of inexpensive synthesis techniques is vital to the future of carbon nanotechnology and commercial-scale applications.
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System Performance
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You can share an Internet link in three basic ways, as follows:
51 Managing Transactions, Locking, and Blocking
Direct network connection. This means your printer has a network port on its back
The isolation S12 is not shown in Figure 1.13(b) because it is lower than 25 dB in the entire frequency range. It can be seen that the gain is reasonable and the bandwidth is wide enough! In addition, the values of the parts are appropriate. Now let s check its noise performance. 1.2.5 Gain Circles and Noise Figure Circles The noise performance of the design sample is good after impedance matching is done. This is expected because the modi ed raw device is designed for simultaneously approaching maximum gain and minimum noise gure. Figure 1.14 shows the performance of the noise gure in the entire frequency range, that is 1.37 dB < NF < 1.97 dB, NF = 1.5 dB, when 850 MHz < f < 940 MHz, when f = 895 MHz, (1.67) (1.68)
To read an individual e-mail message, simply tap the message header. (This works in any of the main Mail views.) Mail will then display this message, full screen, as shown in Figure 10-10.
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