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After you have given Windows Vista permission to access this window, click on the Create a new account option in the Manage Accounts page (see Figure 5.5). If you are unfamiliar with the concept of a user account, a help link will be available explaining the three types of user accounts.
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As it turns out, you can use Calendar without connecting it to any external (webbased calendars) as a sort of standalone application. I don t recommend this for many reasons, but the most obvious is that if you do so, the content you store in Calendar will be locked inside the phone and be inaccessible from anywhere else. So if you lose the phone or are without it when you need to access some schedule information, you re out of luck. Don t silo your data: Make sure you connect your phone to at least one account with a decent online calendar I recommend either Google Calendar or Windows Live Calendar, as both are free and work well so that you can always access your schedule data no matter where you are.
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Figure 19-13: The General view under the All Languages folder of the Options dialog box. Checking or unchecking an option in this view defaults the setting for all languages. Grayed-out check boxes mean that certain options are different for specific languages. The options in the Statement Completion section in the General view affect autocompletion. The Auto list members option toggles the displaying of a list of all available members for a reference or class in your code when you press the delimiter (period in VB) after a reference or class identifier. If checked, the Hide advanced members option will prohibit the display of members in the auto member list if they are considered "advanced," such as the Handle property of a Form. Tip If you can't find a property you're looking for in the Auto list members list, uncheck this option and try again. The Parameter information option will display the parameter information in a ScreenTip when you write a call to a function or procedure in code, as shown in Figure 19-14.
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Figure 3-20: The Print Preview screen shows you what a Web page looks like when printed.
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On the Web
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FIGURE 13.6 Applying a SmartMate
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Referencing Multiple Tables While Deleting
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Configuring the Connection
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Bundled with Solaris 9, the Solaris Resource Manager (SRM) provides a giant step beyond monitoring how system resources are being used and trying to keep services running to meet the service levels that your user community expects. SRM provides tools for allocating the resources that an application will use and better monitoring their use of those resources. It also allows better use of this information for capacity planning and billing.
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