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n Maximize document on open: This option causes all of the new windows in SolidWorks to be maximized within the SolidWorks window, even if the actual SolidWorks window is not maximized. n Use shaded face highlighting: When the model is shaded, any selected face turns entirely to the selection color (green by default). If this option is turned off, then only the edges of the face are highlighted. n Show thumbnail graphics in Windows Explorer: This setting turns the small SolidWorks icons in front of the filename shown in the Windows Explorer detail view into a very small preview of the part. This option creates a performance issue because the thumbnails take longer for Windows to process than the standard file type icons. See Figure B.6.
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n Centerline extension: Refers to any lines extended beyond the + centermark. Extension distance refers to the distance past the arc or circular edge. n Center marks: Size refers to the size of the + . n Extended lines: Refers to lines extended beyond the + centermark. n Centerline font: Applies the centerline font to extended lines. n Orient to Slot/Sheet: Means that the + will be oriented such that it is square with the sheet or with the slot. If the slot is at an angle, and you choose to orient the center mark to the slot, the + will also be at an angle.
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Figure 6-8: The emacs graphical window.
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Consequently, the rst set of spurious products, IF = 21.4 MHz, may have the least opportunity to interfere with other circuit blocks or systems because there are no spurious products in a wide frequency range from about from 65 to 780 MHz. In other words, if there are other circuit blocks or systems operating in the frequency range from 65 to 780 MHz, the rst set of spurious products is no longer an interference source. This feature is applied in communication system designs, where the selection of the LO frequency, and hence the IF frequency for a given RF frequency, is important. If 1 = 850 MHz, as in our example above, is selected as the RF frequency in the mixer design, then the selection of 2 = 828.6 MHz or IF = 21.4 MHz is better than the selections of 2 = 805 MHz or IF = 45 MHz and 2 = 776.65 MHz or IF = 73.35 MHz. As a matter of fact, in the selection of the LO and hence the IF frequency for a communication system, not only low-frequency but also high-frequency spurious products must be analyzed. In other words, the analysis for only the rst nine rows listed in Table 18.4 must be extended to cover higher orders of non-linearity of device, and the plot of Figure 18.19 must be extended to higher frequencies. This is tedious but important work in system design.
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The last options apply only when backing up to tape: NoFormat/Format: Will format the tape (not the disk drive!) prior to the backup. Format automatically includes skip and init. Rewind/NoRewind: Directs SQL Server to rewind the tape. The default is to rewind. UnLoad/Load: Automatically rewinds and unloads the tape. This is the default until the user session specifies load. Restart: If a multi-tape backup fails in the middle of the backup (a tape breaks, for example), the Restart option will continue the backup sequence in midstream without having to go back to the first tape. This option can save time, but be sure to run a restore verifyonly (see next topic) after the backup to be sure.
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Relay Host
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Change AutoFormat Settings
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Figure 14.17 Zero capacitor is connected between the P+ guard ring in IC die and the ground frame on PCB. Bond wire Runner on IC die Pad Soldering pad on PCB Top metallic area Conductive via from top to bottom Bottom metallic area Zero Chip Capacitor IC die Ground ring of RF block Runner in IC die
The common wisdom seems to be that any work that is a derivative of a GPL-protected work must also bear a license that is GPL compatible. A recent dustup within the WordPress community surrounded themes and licensing restrictions. Automattic, the proprietor of WordPress, asked for a legal interpretation of the GPL from lawyers at the Software Freedom Law Center, and received an opinion that interpreted that the GPL applies to any code, including the PHP portion of WordPress themes, that utilizes derivative works of the WordPress Software : When WordPress is started, it executes various routines that prepare information for use by themes. In normal use, control is then transferred via PHP s include() function to HTML and PHP templates found in theme package files. The PHP code in those template files relies on the earlier-prepared information to fill the templates for serving to the client. In the WordPress themes, CSS [Cascading Style Sheet] files and images exist purely as data to be served by a Web server. WordPress itself ignores these files. The CSS and image files are simply read by the server as data and delivered verbatim to the user, avoiding the WordPress instance altogether. The CSS and images could easily be used with a range of HTML documents and read and displayed by a variety of software having no relation to WordPress. As such, these files are separate works from the WordPress code itself. The PHP elements, taken together, are clearly derivative of WordPress code. The template is loaded via the include() function. Its contents are combined with the WordPress code in memory to be processed by PHP along with (and completely indistinguishable from) the rest of WordPress. The PHP code consists largely of calls to WordPress functions and sparse, minimal logic to control which WordPress functions are accessed and how many times they will be called. They are derivative of WordPress because every part of them is determined by the content of the WordPress functions they call. As works of authorship, they are designed only to be combined with WordPress into a larger work. However, there has never been a legal decision on GPL, so it continues to be a license that has not been tested in court. That said, it has been presumed to be a rock solid legal license for many years and will continue to be for many years to come. The company culture of Automattic is that it will only support 100 percent GPL-compatible software. The core of all the software that is distributable (excluding service-oriented projects like PollDaddy) via is completely GPL. This includes WordPress, WordPress MU, bbPress, Intense Debate, BuddyPress, as well as the WordPress iPhone and BlackBerry applications. Despite the quote from legal sources, Automattic has decided not to host anything on WordPress that is not 100 percent compatible. For theme authors, that means all CSS, image, and non-WordPress dependent inclusions must also be GPL.
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L = 270 mm
Note the contextual tab specific to the particular object you clicked.
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