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5.1.3 Querying at the Semantic Level
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Else Directory.Move("C:\DirTest\Sub1", "C:\Program Files\Sub1") End If End If If a directory exists and you attempt to create one with the same name, the command is ignored. The directory is not deleted and re-created, and no exception is raised. The preceding code shows you how to avoid this by using the Exists method or the Directory class to check for the existence of a directory. The Delete method fails if the directory you are attempting to delete contains files or subdirectories. To get around this, use the Boolean parameter True to delete everything, as the following code demonstrates. Notice also the exception that is being caught. I show you the exceptions for IO later in the chapter. Try Directory.Delete("C:\testDir") Catch ex1 As IOException If MessageBox.Show("Directory is not empty, " _ & " delete sub directories too ", "", _ MessageBoxButtons.YesNo, _ MessageBoxIcon.Question) = DialogResult.Yes Then ' Delete directory and all contents Directory.Delete("C:\ TestDir", True) End If End Try To get the current directory, its root and parent, and the directories it contains, you would use GetCurrentDirectory, GetParent, GetDirectoryRoot, and GetFiles. Console.Writeline(Directory.GetCurrentDirectory) Console.Writeline(Directory.GetDirectoryRoot _ (Directory.GetCurrentDirectory)) Dim str() As String, intX As Integer str = Directory.GetFiles(Directory.GetCurrentDirectory) For intX = 0 To str.Length - 1 Console.Writeline(str(intX)) Next Returns: C:\Temp\FileIO\ bin C:\ C:\Temp\FileIO\ bin\FileIO.exe C:\Temp\FileIO\ bin\FileIO.pdb If you need to search for specific files, the GetFiles method has a constructor that supports filtering. The following example returns all files with the .txt extension: Dim str() As String str = Dire ctory.GetFiles("C:\", *.txt") To set the current directory, you can use the SetCurrentDirectory method: Directory.SetCurrentDirectory("C:\TestDir") Note
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11: Editing and Evaluation
3 4 Click . 5 Click Go to Slide. 6 Click a slide title.
button to open the ISO menu.
You can restart the boot at this point by entering b. If you enter n (which, as you can see from the preceding output, stands for new command mode), you ll see the prompt change to ok, telling you that you are now interacting with a more sophisticated Forth program instead (see the nearby sidebar if you don t know what Forth is). The ok prompt is the Forth language s normal prompt. The particular Forth program that you are running, called the OpenBoot program, does several things. It supplies hardware diagnostics, provides you with access to a number of parameters that influence the boot process as well as the operations of the system when fully booted, and allows you to boot the system from one of a number of devices. In the OpenBoot environment you can, for example, specify a different disk as the default boot disk or modify the amount of memory that is tested on boot-up. Though new Sun users may think that the only thing they can type at the ok prompt is boot or boot cdrom, this is far from true. Forth is a small but complete programming language, and it is sitting there under your fingertips. There are now three major versions of the OpenBoot firmware that you are likely to encounter, depending on the particular Sun SPARC-based hardware you are using version 2.x (e.g., 2.2), version 3.x (e.g., 3.1), and version 4.x. Each version offers a collection of commands that you can use to interact with your hardware. The exception is the Sun Fire midrange servers, which use OpenBoot 5.x firmware written in Java and C.
When you re done, click Finish. The installation is complete.
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N OT E By the way, you might want to look at the include file dirent.h if you
Step into the Real World
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