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n the blogging world, there are debates and wars over platforms and products. Historically, the WordPress world has been no different, as it has gone toe to toe with advocates and evangelists representing other blogging communities like Drupal and Movable Type. In the end, however, the blogging world is the blogging world and what is good for one platform is good for everyone. Such is the case with many of the products released by Automattic. While most of these products are designed to integrate with WordPress directly, they are also Web services that can be used from any platform or cloud-based products that are integrated via JavaScript widgets. In this final chapter, I look at some of these products and services and how they can be beneficial for any blogger on any platform.
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bring up the Quick Navigation screen or press the Menu button and use the multi-selector to navigate to Recording menu 2.
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26: Perl and Python .....................................................................................................637
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Because of the increasing need for renewable sources of energy, substantial effort is dedicated to the development of novel types of solar cells. Siliconbased cells have reached large-scale production and can be operated under varying environmental conditions. However, costly and elaborate production technology has spurred the search for alternative concepts beyond the siliconbased technology. In particular, it would be desirable to substitute costly semiconductors by cheap and abundant compounds, such as metal oxide lms, which can be obtained by evaporation-induced self-assembly in combination with sol-gel chemistry or the deposition of mesoporous powder (e.g., by doctor-blading). Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) have already been shown to allow for promising light-to-electricity conversion ef ciencies of up to 10% for certain types.44 The classic Graetzel -type cell uses TiO2 as an n-type semiconductor and a suitable dye and electrolyte, but also other metal oxides are discussed to serve as the charge carrier.81 In general, the oxide has to be in a highly crystalline state in order to ful ll the requirements for a semiconductor with suf cient conductivity and chemical stability. In short, the classic Graetzel-type DSSC works as follows (see the review of L. M. Peter81 for an overview): Photocurrents in the DSSC are created when light is absorbed by the sensitizer dye, leading to electron injection into the conduction band of TiO2. The electrons move through the TiO2 network by a random walk process until they reach the electrode. The dye is regenerated by electron transfer from iodide before it has time to undergo bleaching. The I3- ions produced in the regeneration step diffuse to the cathode (usually covered with platinum), where they are reduced to iodide ions completing the regenerative cycle. Alternative concepts use mesoporous TiO2 in combination with conducting polymers. Up until some years ago, the TiO2 used in DSSCs was mainly of coarse-grain morphology, i.e., with particle sizes on the scale of >100 nm. Although the performance of DSSCs is regarded as being dependent on various parameters (e.g., electrolyte and dye), it is generally assumed that modi cation of the semiconductor morphology still has the potential to lead to a signi cant enhancement of the ef ciency. Since the harvesting of the light correlates with the amount of dye, the principle idea of the usage of wellde ned mesoporous metal oxide lms is the increase in accessible surface area, thus resulting in an increased interface between dye and TiO2. The mesoporous TiO2 lm therefore serves as a host for the dye, or polymers in the case of solid electrolyte solar cells. As another advantage, the EISA process is supposed to yield lms with highly uniform thickness. Additionally, EISA can produce lms without cracks, which represents an important prerequisite for the performance of DSSCs. Hence, the major dif culty in using mesoporous metal oxide lms is the impregnation of the mesopore surface by the dye or the lling by the hole-transporting organic material. Although the idea of applying mesoporous thin lms of TiO2 (or other suitable oxides) prepared by self-assembly strategies in combination
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26 Developing for SQL Server Everywhere
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Specifies whether the result should be printed or returned to PHP. Defaults to true. Specifies text to be displayed before the title.
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Various companies have popped up to offer a radio-frequency solution to gaining Internet access called wireless local loop, or WLL. (Another name for this service is fixed-point wireless.) The WLL company has a high-speed Internet connection and a network of transmitting cells that beam radio waves to customers, who have special antennas to catch the signal. The antenna connects to a receiver, which in turn connects to an Ethernet adapter in the PC. The customers must connect a regular phone line and modem for upstream communications, just as with oneway satellite service. The problems here are availability and price. Fewer than a quarter of a million people use WLL in the United States. Even if it s available in your area, whether WLL will actually work for you depends greatly on the presence and position of hills and valleys between you and the transmitting station. For example, Lookout Mountain sits between me and the WLL company in Golden, so I m out of luck. Even if you can get WLL in your location, it s likely to be fairly expensive, more than any other option except satellite (figure over US$1000 for the installation and over US$125 per month for access). Once availability improves and the price comes down, WLL may be worth considering for the home and SOHO user.
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achilles:invoicer aaron$ ./invoicr help Invoicer help! Command line arguments: ------------------------------------list: show saved invoices create: start a new invoice additem: add a line item to an existing invoice print: output an invoice to PDF help: show this message -------------------------------------
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FIGURE 7.16 A 3D sweep
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SELECT a.clr_name , USER_NAME(a.principal_id) as [principal] , la.load_time , a.permission_set_desc FROM sysdm_clr_loaded_assemblies la JOIN sysassemblies a ON la.assembly_id = a.assembly_id
When you enter the Desktop Background control panel (via the Personalization window), you will see the interface shown in Figure 4-12. You can choose between different background types, such as Windows Desktop Backgrounds (the high-quality wallpaper provided by Microsoft), Pictures Library (pictures and other images you ve stored in your My Pictures folder and other locations aggregated by the Pictures Library), Top Rated Photos (based on a metadata ranking system most users probably haven t used), Solid Colors, and, perhaps, other locations if you ve ever manually browsed to a different location using this UI. For all of these options (except, oddly, Solid Colors), a new feature has been added in Windows 7: you can multi-select images.
30: Using the Insert Bends Method for Sheet Metal Parts . . . . . 875
MMF Cladding
Installing a Wireless Network
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