Central grounded tap of differential winding in .NET

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Part III
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Threaded tripod socket
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Beamforming Azimuth
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43: Security
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Pharming, 189 Phase Alternate Line (PAL), 445, 604, 605 Phase modulation (PM), see Modulation Phase-shift keying (PSK), see Modulation phi phenomenon, 602 Phishing, 188 189 Phone Power, 135 Photophone, 75, 77, 78, 550, 601 Photo phone, 600 Physical, 4, 8 Physical Layer (PHY), 289, 528 Physical medium (PM), 528 Physical reach, 465 Physical unit (PU), 287 pi/4 differential quaternary phase shift keying ( /4 DQPSK), see Modulation pi/4 quadrature phase shift keying ( /4 QPSK), see Modulation Picocell, 556f, 557 Piconet, 409 410f Picture element (pel), see Pixel Picturephone, 621 Pixel, 603 Pizza box, 456 Plain old telephone service (POTS), 51, 200, 269, 470 Plastic optical ber (POF), 89 Plenum cable, 52, 89 Plesiochronous, 272 273 Plesiochronous digital hierarchy (PDH), 272 Point of presence (POP), 6, 226f, 431, 444 Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP), 384, 488, 652, 685 Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP), see Tunneling Pointer, 479, 482 Poisson, 120 121 Polarization mode dispersion (PMD), see Dispersion Polling, 167, 191 Pony Express, 178, 248 Port, 117, 291, 640 destination, 652, 658, 659 dynamic, 640 private, 640 registered, 640 source, 652, 657, 659 well-known, 640, 657 Positive-intrinsic-negative (PIN) diode, 81, 90 Post Of ce Code Standardization Advisory Group (POCSAG), 565 Post Of ce Protocol (POP), 182 Post, Telegraph, and Telephone (PTT), 202 Potential, 539 Power back-off, 438 Power control, 456 Power failure cut-through, see Power failure transfer
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Part I
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while the elements contained in them are often different. In disputed documents seal impressions are often examined. Even if counterfeit seal impressions have been used, genuine original seal inks can be differentiated from illegal-used seal inks using TXRF. Figure 7.4.5 shows TXRF spectra of ve kinds of seal inks (samples A E) which are vermilion in appearance. Both samples A and B are low priced, while sample C is moderately priced and both samples D and E are considerably more expensive. The spectral patterns differ from each other. That is, in sample A, Cl, Ti and Zn were detected and in sample B, Pb, S, Ba, Cr and Sr were detected and in sample C, Ca, Fe, Hg and Sr were detected and in sample D, Hg, S, Sb and Pb were detected and in sample E, Hg, S and Ba were detected. Hence, each seal ink could be differentiated from one another by the TXRF data.
42 ETL with Integration Services
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Figure 2.4 A 144-pin DIMM module
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Visualization and Organization: How to Make the Windows Shell Work for You
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