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A drop-down menu appears.
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A similar query type that s useful for analyzing the correlation between two data sets is a set difference query, which finds the difference between the two data sets based on the conditions of the join. In relational algebra terms, it removes the divisor from the dividend, leaving the difference. This type of query is the inverse of an inner join. Informally, it s called a find unmatched rows query.
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FIGURE 29.14
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Figure 7.42 Toroidal balun built on ceramic alumina substrate. r = 10.5, thickness = 40 mils, spacing = 5 mils, diameter of via = 20 mils.
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FIGURE 26.6 Using the Move/Copy Bodies and Combine features
Rails rake command is used to manage your database migrations, among other things. When run without any arguments, rake db:migrate runs all your migration files, ensuring your schema is up to date.
Electron escape depth
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One fun feature contained in Windows Photo Gallery is the ability to set a photo instantly as your desktop background. When viewing the photo in the gallery, simply right-click the photo and then choose Set as Desktop Background from the menu that appears.
Figure 13-11: The Synaptic Preferences window.
the luxury, your copywriting and what you produce will improve if you balance the pressure of deadlines with time away from the project. This could also mean working on one project, then going to another and subsequently coming back to the rst one. This is another way of allowing you the luxury of having your subconscious mind work on a project while you do something else. The incubation process actually works best with pressure of some kind. If you have no pressure, your brain will not work as fast or as ef ciently. So it is a balance of various pressures that produces the optimum results. What causes pressure We already know that time causes pressure but there are other factors as well. Ego for example. If you have a big ego, it creates a certain amount of pressure. This pressure can be very positive in the incubation process. For example, your boss expects you to produce some knockout copy and your ego won t let you disappoint her. You ve added to the incubation pressure. Your creative orientation plays a role, too. For example, if you are naturally creative, you have a big advantage over someone who is not. And nally, the environment plays a role. If you are in a creative environment that encourages those incubation activities required in the creative process, it will help the incubation process along. Just Allow It to Happen Now don t show this chapter to your boss and say, See, Joe Sugarman tells me to take a pleasurable walk in the park on company time and enjoy myself while my brain incubates. That s nonsense and not the purpose of this chapter. In this chapter, I just want you to realize that there is a constant process going on in the background of your brain. And with the proper balance, you can create blockbuster copy by allowing the incubation process to function. The biggest mistake a manager can make in a mail order company is to have the creative department in the same building as any other department in the company. Imagine the operations people walking in to see the creative people incubating staring into space or taking a long break with one of their peers. Those privileged bastards in creative really get away with murder would be a typical comment. But the creative department needs that atmosphere in order to function to its optimum.
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