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Digital/Analog Circuit Design
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The two advanced configuration options are found in the bottom panel of the Configuration Properties PropertyManager. Suppress Features and Use Configuration Specific Color are the two options available. While the second option is self-explanatory, the first one is not, and often catches new and even experienced users off guard. Suppress Features refers to how inactive configurations should handle new features. For example, if you have two configs, 1 and 2, and config 1 is active and you add a new Fillet feature, then what happens to that feature in config 2 If this option is turned on, then the new features are suppressed. If it is turned off, then the new features will be unsuppressed when the inactive configs are activated. This creates a much bigger challenge for manually created configurations than for design table-driven configs because changing suppression states for several features across multiple configs is much easier in a design table than in manual config management.
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Thus, if we are testing p(X, Y ) = 0 against p ( X , Y) = /3 = PO/+, for sample size n, then the asymptotic efficiency of m($,(X). $c(Y)) relative to m ( X ,Y) is
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3. The new BSC requests the new BTS to activate a physical channel. 4. The new BSC informs the MS about the carrier frequency and timeslot for the new link. This information goes via the MSC, the old BSC, and the old BTS, and is nally transmitted to the MS on the FACCH of the old BTS. 5. The MS switches to this new carrier frequency and timeslot and transmits access bursts (compare item 3 in Case 24.1). 6. After detecting handover bursts, the BTS transmits information regarding timing advance and power control to the MS via the FACCH. 7. The MS informs the old BSC about the successful handover (via the new BSC and the MSC). 8. The new BSC instructs the old BSC (via the MSC) to relinquish the connection to the MS. 9. The old BSC instructs the old BTS to deactivate the old physical channel. Case 24.3 Handover between Two BTSs which are Associated with Two Different MSCs The steps for this case are illustrated in Figure 24.16: 1. The old BSC informs its own MSC (in the following called MSC-A ) about the necessary handover. 2. MSC-A recognizes that the requested handover involves a BTS associated with another MSC (in the following called MSC-B ) and contacts this MSC-B. 3. MSC-B associates a handover number with the process, so that it is able to reroute the connection. Subsequently, it informs the new BSC about the upcoming handover. 4. The new BSC orders the new BTS to activate a physical channel. 5. MSC-B gets the information about the carrier frequency and timeslot of the new physical channel and forwards this information to MSC-A. Furthermore, it informs MSC-A about the handover number of the connection.
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Server Configuration Manager
1: Installing Windows Server 2008 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
6 Click the Texture 7 Click a texture.
No need to worry about settings here the Crop tool is easy to use.
2.3.4 Radiation due to Differential-Mode Currents Differential-mode radiation is caused by the flow of RF current loops within a system s structure. For a small-loop receiving antenna operating in a field above a ground plane (free space is not a typical environment when considering systems effects), RF energy is described approximately as [4] E = 263 10 16( f 2 AIs) 1 r V/m (2.3)
The templates folder is established at Tools Options File Locations Document Templates. This location may be a local directory or a shared network location. Multiple folders may be specified in the list box, each of which corresponds to a tab in the New Document s Advanced interface. Once all of the Document Properties, custom properties, and other settings are set to your liking and you are ready to save the file as a template, click File Save As and in Files of Type, select Part Templates. SolidWorks prompts you to save the template in the first folder listed in the File Locations list. You can create assembly templates in the same way, but changing the settings for an assembly document. You can also create additional tabs on the New SolidWorks Document dialog box can also be created by making subfolders in the main folder specified in the File Locations area. For example, if your File Locations list for Document Templates looks like Figure 1.10, then your New dialog will look like Figure 1.11.
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Table 18.3 A Technical Comparison of Sun Fire High-End Servers SUN FIRE 12K 2-52 @ 900 or 1,050 MHz 288 8 32 N/A 1-9 None Hot-pluggable power and fan supplies, System, I/O and expansion boards Yes SUN FIRE 15K 2-106 @ 900 or 1,050 MHz 576 8 64 N/A 1-18 None Hot-pluggable power and fan supplies, System, I/O and expansion boards Yes
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