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Probabilistic risk assessment.
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QoS Provisioning for 802.11 Home Wireless Networks
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Data rate (MHz)
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Figure 8.1 shows the Windows Vista Start Menu. If you ve used Windows XP in the past, it looks vaguely familiar, yet it s also strikingly different. Notice that the little button that said Start on it is gone. Microsoft has replaced it with a circle with the Windows logo. That s where you click to invoke the Start Menu. The menu itself contains a number of both old and new elements. The top-left side of the menu contains shortcuts to programs that have been pinned to the menu. By default, the only such programs are Internet Explorer and Windows Mail.
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Videoconferencing systems consist of cameras, monitors, video boards, microphones, speakers, and software. Videoconferencing can be accomplished in the workplace over a LAN. While it generally is more effective, easier, and less costly to walk across the hall and hold a face-to-face meeting, contemporary LANs often extend across multiple oors and even multiple buildings in a campus setting. Videoconferencing over the WAN clearly offers great bene ts in terms of reduced cost and increased availability for meetings. Systems for videoconferencing can be quite substantial or can be PC based. Videoconferencing has increased signi cantly over the past few years as the cost of equipment and bandwidth have decreased systems are made up of room systems, rollabout systems, and PC-based systems.
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DFT filter banks belong to the class of modulated filter banks, where all filters are derived from prototypes via modulation. Modulated filter banks have the great advantage that only suitable prototypes must be found, not the complete set of analysis and synthesis filters. One prototype is required for the analysis and one for the synthesis side, and in most cases the same prototypes can be used for both sides. Due to the modulated structure very efficient implementations are possible. In DFT banks, the analysis and synthesis filters, Hk:(z) and Gk:(z), are
The Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) package is a popular server that provides domain name service (DNS) for networks. Every network on the Internet must have a domain name server. Many networks employ the services of an Internet service provider (ISP) to handle the DNS server for their network. However, you can use the Ubuntu server software to run your own DNS server. See 20, DNS Server, for details on how to set up and install a DNS server on your network.
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Device approaches
There s another glaring gotcha in the new taskbar. Say you ve got multiple windows open and you re trying to find just the right one. So you mouse over the individual buttons in the taskbar, triggering various live previews as you go. If you then mouse up to one of the previews, that window will appear on the desktop, and the system will hide all of the other open windows using the previously discussed Aero Peek feature (see Figure 4-44). Voila! You ve found what you re looking for, right So you mouse up from the preview to the window that s peeking through and poof! It s gone. In order to actually select this window, you have to click the preview, not mouse off of it. This is a mistake that every single Windows 7 user will make at least once. It s kind of like touching a lit burner on a stove in that you ll never make the same mistake twice. At least you don t literally hurt yourself.
12J: The Steiner network for a square We construct equilateral triangles on a pair of opposite sides, and draw their circumcircles. It is convenient to call the side of the square 2 units, and the height of each equilateral triangle is then j3 (Fig. 12.66). Therefore the minimum Steiner network, which is the length of PS, is j3 + 2 + j3 = 2 + 2j3. Fig. 12.66
In this example, AutoRepair was clicked. PowerPoint enters information in the Text to display text box and the Address text box.
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