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( ) options affecting behavior during a slide show. Determines whether you can use the shortcut menu. Controls the toolbar that faintly appears at the bottom left of slides. Determines if you can save annotations you made on the slides upon exiting the slide show. Determines whether the slide show ends with a blank, black slide.
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File quality setting
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WordPress.com Stats displays referring Web sites, the number of clicks on links on your site, popular posts, and search terms that bring readers to the blog.
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Using Windows Phone on an Airplane
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3: Installing Ubuntu ....................................................................................................... 47
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nZ/NE (NE emitter doping).
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The MSIL is the output produced when .NET applications are compiled. This is a seminew concept for VB developers. In the past, you could either compile to "native" code (which wasn't really native at all), or you could compile to P-Code, which was interpreted by the VB runtime when your application executed. The MSIL is the language that all of the .NET languages compile down to. After they are in this intermediate language, a process called Just-In-Time (JIT) compilation occurs when resources are used from your application at runtime. JIT allows "parts" of your application to execute when they are needed, which means that if something is never needed, it will never compile down to the PE (portable executable) file that is the native code. By using JIT, the CLR can cache the code that is used more than once and reuse it for subsequent calls, without going through the compilation process again. Figure 1-3 describes the JIT process.
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The Technelogic Corporation tree structure.
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After activating the plugin, the next step in WordPress integration with IntenseDebate is comment synchronization. IntenseDebate, like other services like it, is a cloud-based service. Comments are stored in the cloud, but they are also stored locally in WordPress. Therefore, if you ever decide to stop using IntenseDebate or switch to another service, you retain a copy of all comments made on the blog. However, it s important to note that comments rendered by IntenseDebate are comment content stored in the cloud and not locally. To synchronize your blog with IntenseDebate, click the Start Importing Comments button. The process may take awhile, depending on the size of your blog (see Figure 27.6).
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I This last variant was investigated by JureEkovh (197 l), and asymptotic equivalence between (7.43) and (7.44) was shown by Jaeckel(l972). The task of solving (7.43) or (7.44) by linear programming techniques appears to be very formidable, however, unless p and n are quite small. Note that also these rank-based estimates operate with the unmodified x i j . All of the regression estimates allow one-step versions: start with some reasonably good preliminary estimate 0 * , and then apply one step of Newton s method to (7.39), and so on, just as in the location case. A one-step L-estimate of regression has been investigated by Bickel (1973). However, in the regression case, it is very difficult to find a good starting value. We know from the location case that the least squares estimate, that is, the sample mean, will not do for one-step estimates, and the analogue
The &-contaminatednormal distributions least informative for location.
Figure 17-13: Custom power plans replace the plan on which your plan was based, but the old default plan is still available.
attribute list would be specified: -l "distinguishedName, cn, givenName, sn, telephone" -o List of attributes to be omitted from the results of an export query. This is typically used when exporting objects from the Active Directory and then importing them into another LDAP compliant directory. There may be some attributes that are not supported by the other directory, so these attributes may be omitted from the result set using this option. For example to omit the objectGUID, whenChanged and whenCreated attributes the following omission would be specified: -o "whenCreated, whenChanged, objectGUID" -g Do not perform paged searches. -m Omit attributes that only apply to Active Directory objects such as the ObjectGUID, objectSID, pwdLastSet, samAccountType attributes. -n Do not export binary values. -k Skip errors during the import operation and continue processing. Typical errors that may be skipped include those where the object already exists. -a user distinguished name password Sets the command to run using the supplied user distinguished name and password. (The default is to run using the credentials of the currently logged on user.) For example: a cn=yourname,domain controller=yourcompany,domain controller=com password - b username domain password Sets the command to run as username domain password.(The default is to run using the credentials of the currently logged on user.)For example: b yourlogonname yourcompanydomain password - Use to display Help.
Pseudorandom spacing
For more information on working with domains or Active Directory, see 12.
Listing 11-27: Handling the Event
PowerPoint applies your new settings and closes the dialog box.
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