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Figure 9.31 A gate-driven 1.5-GHz highly linear CMOS downconversion mixer. (After Crols and Steyaert, Ref. 20.)
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Figure 3-10: A yellow information bar alerts you when a pop-up window is blocked.
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SELECT { Set1 } ON COLUMNS, { Set2 } ON ROWS FROM Cube WHERE ( Set3 )
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Knowing Your SSP
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Part IV: Digital Media and Entertainment
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where Voj = voltage to be discharged from. Correspondingly, from the waveform at the load vL as shown in the upper right corner of Figure 3.7, it can be seen that its average DC voltage has dropped from Vo toward 0 with a time constant = RLC. In this case, the average DC voltage Vo existing in the source is blocked from the source to the load by the capacitor after a time slot of about = RLC. The third case is when T << RLC . (3.28)
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Using Objects
Dutter, R. (1975), Robust regression: Different approaches to numerical solutions and algorithms, Res. Rep. No. 6, Fachgruppe fur Statistik, Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule, Zurich. Dutter, R. (1977a), Numerical solution of robust regression problems: Computational aspects, a comparison, J. Statist. Comput. Simul., 5, 207-238. Dutter, R. (1977b), Algorithms for the Huber estimator in multiple regression, Computing, 18, 167-176. Dutter, R. (1978), Robust regression: LINWDR and NLWDR, COMPSTAT 1978, Proceedings in Computational Statistics, L.C.A. Corsten, Ed., Physica-Verlag, Vienna. Eddington, A S . (1914), Stellar Movements and the Structure of the Universe, Macmillan, London. Efron, B. (1987), Better Bootstrap Confidence Intervals (with discussion), J. Amel: Statist. Assoc., 82, 171-200. Esscher, F. (1932), On the Probability Function in Collective Risk Theory, Scandinavian Actuarial Journal, 15, 175-195. Fan, R., and C.A. Field (1995), Approximations for Marginal Densities of Mestimates, Canadian Journal of Statistics, 23, 185-197. Feller, W. (1966), An Introduction to Probability Theory and its Applications, Vol. 11, Wiley, New York. Feller, W. (197 l), An Introduction to Probability Theory and Its Applications, Wiley, New York. Field, C.A. (1982), Small Sample Asymptotic Expansions for Multivariate M- Estimates, Ann. Statist., 10, 672-689. Field, C.A., and F.R. Hampel (1982), Small-sample Asymptotic Distributions of M-estimators of Location, Biometrika, 69, 2 9 4 6 . Field, C.A., and E. Ronchetti (1990), Small Sample Asymptotics, IMS Lecture Notes, Monograph Series, 13, Hayward, CA. Filippova, A.A. (1962), Mises theorem of the asymptotic behavior of functionals of empirical distribution functions and its statistical applications, Theol: Prob. Appl., 7 , 2 4 5 7 . Fisher, R.A. (1920), A mathematical examination of the methods of determining the accuracy of an observation by the mean error and the mean square error, Monthly Not. Roy. Astron. SOC.,80, 758-770.
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To keep things simple and easily manageable, add all of the BackPress files to a directory called backpress. (You can call it anything you d like, but for the sake of example, I ll assume it s in a backpress/ directory.) Of course, a simpler way to do this would be to get a listing of the backpress/ directory, and include all of the BackPress files, as shown in Listing 25.3. However, from a security standpoint I consider it bad form to let any file load all the files in a directory sight unseen.
37: User Controls
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