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Blog posts and comments are not the only type of content that can be imported into WordPress. In fact, a number of importers, such as the Simple Tag importer or the Ultimate Tag Warrior importer, were built for a variety of tagging systems when tags were first incorporated into WordPress in version 2.3. While some of the plugins that provided tagging no longer function (and are not even maintained), the importers exist for legacy blogs using older versions of WordPress, or for those WordPress installs that have not converted the older tags into current WordPress tags.
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Be careful with comparison operators when programming in both shell scripts and Perl. You may notice that Perl uses the mathematical symbols with numbers, and the text symbols with strings the complete opposite of how the bash shell scripts do it. This is a huge source of coding errors for beginners.
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If you can t get DSL or cable modem service (both discussed later in this chapter), then you may be able to get ISDN, which does not really stand for It Still Does Nothing, but rather for integrated services digital network. ISDN works better over longer distances than DSL does. ISDN permits transmission of data, voice, audio, and video information over the same line, but you re most interested in the first two. Competition from DSL has brought ISDN prices down a little in some markets, but the phone companies know that if you re asking for ISDN you probably can t get DSL, so ISDN still costs more than DSL even though it s slower, older, and more complicated. The only reason to use ISDN is if you need something better than the POTS (plain old telephone system) and you can t get DSL or cable modem. Here are the salient facts about ISDN:
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Inappropriate Foreign Key: Tour.BaseCampID
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5: Extending WordPress with Plugins
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Further Information
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Table 12.5 Query match with ontology (over a period of 7 months) Characteristic Total number of queries Single word queries Single word queries in ontology Single word queries not in ontology Multiple word queries Total match with ontology as a phrase Total match with ontology as single words Partial match with ontology No match Value 289 191 109 82 98 24 32 40 2
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US name server
You can use an interesting technique in this part. The features creating the smaller tool body and the Move/Copy Bodies and Combine features can be put together into a folder, and the folder itself reordered before the Shell feature. This means that the combined body is also shelled out, and the rib goes down inside of it. This produces an odd error message and unexpectedly places several features into the folder, but it does work. You may want to open this part in SolidWorks to see exactly how all of this was done instead of relying on the figure illustrations. The part used for Figure 26.7 is on the CD-ROM and is named 26 Move Body.sldprt.
33 A/V Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) 1.0: This allows a Bluetooth device to be used as a remote control. Windows Phone supports only the most basic remote control features (play, pause, stop, and so on). 33 Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP): This allows a Bluetooth-compatible device to exchange address book (contacts) data with another Bluetoothcompatible device. It is typically used with car kits so that contact names can appear on the in-car display. To connect, or pair, a Bluetooth headset with Windows Phone, navigate to All Programs, Settings, and then Bluetooth. In this simple interface, first ensure that Bluetooth is on. Once that is enabled, the settings page will display a Searching message. Tap the On/Off switch on your headset to start the pairing (or, follow the instructions provided with the device, as they can vary from headset to headset). The Bluetooth headset will show up in the Bluetooth settings page, first with the generic name Headset, and with the note tap to pair. If you wait a few seconds, the headset will communicate its real name to Windows Phone, and the generic name will be replaced by that real name in the found devices list. Tap the name of the headset to begin pairing. The note under the device s name will change to connecting. After a few more seconds, the devices will pair and the device name will appear as connected, as shown in Figure 13-22. Most hands-free headsets work in a similar fashion. If the device is on and paired with the phone and a call comes in, you can quickly press the On/Off button on the headset instead of tapping the Answer button on the phone s screen. This will route the call through the headset instead of the phone s microphone and speaker. Otherwise, you can alternate between the phone s built-in hardware and the headset. If you answer the phone via the software s Answer button, you can later transfer the call to the headset by quickly pressing the headset s On/Off button.
11.9.3 Transit Network Selection Long distance calls in the United States are handled by an interexchange carrier (IXC) selected by the calling party (Section 3.7.1). If the caller s local exchange does not have a direct trunk group to an exchange in the IXC network, the IAM
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<!-- SESSION STATE SETTINGS By default ASP.NET uses cookies to identify which requests belong to a particular session. If cookies are not available, a session can be tracked by adding a session identifier to the URL. To disable cookies, set sessionState cookieless="true". --> <sessionState mode="InProc"
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