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Figure 4.2 Characteristics of an ideal balun.
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To modify the hostid of an IPX to be 57c0ffee and the Ethernet address to be 08:00:20:c0:ff:ee, at the OpenBoot PROM monitor prompt, enter all of the following commands:
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SQL Mobile Database
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6: Getting More from Your Sketches
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Figure 6-7: Object Explorer s Query Designer The Query Designer can perform Data Manipulation Language (DML) queries select, insert, update, delete) besides select. Unlike Query Editor, it cannot perform batches or non-DML commands.
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20: Browsing the Web
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Web Resource
With all powerful tools the possibility of misusing the tool always exists. The ability to play with tolerances is a double-edged sword. On one hand it gives you the ability to force surfaces to knit which may have otherwise not knit at all. On the other hand, if you allow a larger tolerance, SolidWorks may force together surfaces or edges that have problems that should be solved in other
Table 5-4 shows, for example, that if you place any type of blank CD or DVD media in the drive, Ubuntu will start the CD/DVD Creator application (see Burning Files to CD later in this chapter).
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17: by Jason Beres
$ chmod +x test12.py $ ./test2.py This is another script test $
Figure 5.21: Call dropping probability versus mean carried traffic of a CDMA based cellular network using relative received pilot power based soft handover thresholds in conjunction with 1 Hz shadowing anda standard deviationof 3 dB for SF=16.
We now apply the above-mentioned principles to block codes. Due to interleaving, each of the bits (symbols) in a codeword fades independently. The redundancy implicit in the code should thus make it possible to recover the information even when some of the bits are in fading dips and therefore have a very poor SNR. In the absence of interleaving, the effectiveness of the code would be much reduced. As an example, let us consider a block code with hard decoding: let K = 12, N = 23, and the minimum distance be dmin = 7, and the coding gain 2 dB. Due to the slowness of fading, all 23 codebits see the same channel if there is no interleaving. In other words, each and every codeword has a gain of 2 dB. An uncoded system needs a 26-dB SNR to achieve a BER of 10 3 , with coding, this reduces to 24 dB which is still bad. In other words even with an encoder, the BER decreases only proportionally to 1 , just the proportionality constant changes. The use of interleaving dramatically changes the situation. Errors occur only when there are errors at least at four locations in the codeword (note that dmin 1 = 3 can be corrected). The 2 BER is approximately proportional to [Wilson 1996]:
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