For example, to install an .ini file named mySQLSettings.ini located in a SQLTemp folder, the following command would be executed:
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GetCurrent Directory
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Icon Definition Clustered index scan Description In a clustered index scan, SQL Server sequentially reads the entire clustered index or a range within the clustered index. SQL Server chooses this operation when the set of rows requested by the where clause can be determined as a range within the order of the clustered index, or a large percentage of rows is needed from the table. In a clustered index seek, SQL Server rapidly navigates the clustered index b-tree to retrieve specific rows. The benefit of the clustered index seek is that when the row(s) are determined all the columns are immediately available. In some situations, SQL Server retrieves all the data from a table and then uses filter operations to select the correct rows. Sometimes the Query Optimizer will use a Filter for performance reasons, but it s more often due to the lack of a useful index. A hash match is an unordered join method that builds a temp table and iteratively matches with data from another table. A hash match is more efficient if one table is significantly larger than the other table. This is the worst-case join method and is used when no suitable index is available. The merge join is the fastest method of comparing two tables if both tables are pre-sorted.
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The Bill of Materials, or BOM, is one of the most frequently used types of tables that are available in SolidWorks. BOMs are intended for use with assemblies, but can also be used with individual parts for specialized applications. The types of information that you can expect to see on a BOM are item number, filename, quantity used, description, and any other custom property that you would like to add to it. A typical BOM is shown in Figure 24.1. BOMs are made in one of two ways. The default BOM is made from a special SolidWorks table, while an Excel-based BOM is driven by Excel. While Excel has advantages and disadvantages, many users appear to prefer the default BOM. The reason for this preference is that little is perceived to be given up, except for the stability (crash-worthiness) compared to Excel and the options to keep manual edits. If you plan to use anything other than the standard SolidWorks BOM templates, then you need to make your own BOM templates. If you plan to create either Excel- or SolidWorks table-based templates, then you must choose one of them.
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The Startup and Recovery page (see Figure 2-36) enables you to con gure boot options, how the system handles a system failure, and how debugging information is handled. The options in the System Startup group enable you to specify which boot option is selected by default and how long the boot menu is displayed. These settings are stored in the Boot.ini le, located in the root folder of the drive on which the boot loader is located. You can edit the le manually with a text editor to change values if you prefer.
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Fig. 1.47
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Source XS ZS
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FormsAuthentication.RedirectFromLoginPage(TextBox1.Text, False) Else Label1.Visible = True Label1.Text = "Invalid Login Please Re-Enter!" End If End Sub </script> </head> <body>
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Data Set A
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Pad#2 Runner#2
Non-Linear TirneFrequency Distributions
Distribution Slackware Red Hat Fedora Gentoo Mandriva openSuSe Debian Description One of the original Linux distribution sets, popular with Linux geeks A commercial business distribution used mainly for Internet servers A spin-off of Red Hat, but designed for home use A distribution designed for advanced Linux users, containing only Linux source code Designed mainly for home use (previously called Mandrake) Different distributions for business and home use (now owned by Novell) Popular with Linux experts and commercial Linux products
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ADI. This is the default mode. It
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