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Configurations for library features are created in exactly the same ways that configurations are created for other parts. The technique for saving the configs to the library feature is discussed in 18.
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access this method. The same rules apply for the Friend and Protected modifiers of a method. Earlier, I discussed static instances. To make a method static, use the Shared modifier. Class Class1 Shared Function Set_Rank(ByVal strRank As String) _ As Boolean End Function End Class When referenced from code, you do not have to instantiate the class to access the Set_Rank member: Class SetRank Sub PromoteOrNotPromote() Class1.Set_Rank("Ensign") End Sub End Class Private, Protected, and Friend modifiers exist to support encapsulation. By planning your classes carefully, you will expose to the outside word only what is necessary, hiding implementation details in the class itself. Even though this is not COM, it is still important to be able to modify the implementation of a class without changing public details. Note Shared members cannot be declared as Overridable, NotOverridable or MustOverride. Properties Properties are used to store variables in a class. Properties exist to give you an objectoriented way of setting and getting variables. In VB6, you declared variables on a global scope to store information. You can do something similar in classes, called fields, but for each class you create, you will need to encapsulate properties for that specific instance. To create a property, you use a Property End Property block, set a scope modifier, and set the name of the property. Class Class1 Private strRank as String Public Property Rank() as String Get Return strRank End Get Set (ByVal Value As String) strRank = value End Set End Property End Class From the client code, the property would be referenced like this: Dim x as New Class1 If x.Rank = "Captain" then ' do something Else x.Rank = "Engineer" End if
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An Overview of Windows 2000 Active Directory Services
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3. Use the following code for the data set command text to query the XML Web Service:
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You can read more about repairing dangling entities in 11. n
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You can type text into a placeholder on a slide so you can convey information to the presentation audience through the written word. There are three types of placeholders that can hold text: title, content (bulleted list), and subtitle. You simply click the placeholder and then start typing. You also can go back and edit text you have already typed.
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Keep the news stories relatively brief (preferably 50 words). If the full story is more than 100 words, display the first 50 words and then create a link to a secondary news page that has the full details.
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something as low-level as flashing the BIOS. You re going to be modifying the very code that tells your PC how to get up in the morning; if you scramble that code somehow, you could end up with an unbootable PC. The most important step you can take to avoid disaster when flashing the BIOS is to hook up your PC to a battery backup unit. This way, if you experience a loss of AC power during the process, the backup unit will keep the system up and running. The odds against a power glitch during a BIOS update are astronomical, but it has happened to me, and it was quite a chore to recover. I ended up having to get a replacement BIOS chip overnighted to me! (Thankfully, the chip wasn t soldered to the motherboard.) Most of the time, you could recover by simply reflashing the BIOS, but I m here to tell you that that s not always an option.
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6: Working With Text
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