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FIGURE 19.7 An electrical connector part
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20: DNS Server
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With these three methods, you have now created most of the code necessary to implement a new, re-usable widget. You are still missing two key elements, however. The first is a constructor. In object-oriented PHP 5, the constructor is a method called __construct(). PHP 4.3 compatibility suggests that you use a method that takes the same name as the class itself. This method is automatically called when the class is instantiated. If you are using the PHP 5 constructor, ensure that instead of using $this->WP_Widget(), you use parent::WP_Widget() to initiate the widget. In the WordPress widget world, this is the method where you tell WordPress about the name of the widget, the size of the control form, and so on. These properties are defined in the WP_Widget parent class as $widget_options (values that are passed to the widget) and $control_ options (values that are passed to the control form). The $widget_options only take classname and description as array members and the $control_options take height and width as array members. Once you set these, you can pass them to the $this->WP_Widget method for registration. The WP_Widget method takes four arguments: a string representing a unique widget string, a string that represents the title of the widget as it will be displayed (make it localized), the $widget_options array, and the $control_options array (see Listing 6.5).
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Part IV: Creating Content
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POSITION SENSITIVE SEMICONDUCTOR STRIP DETECTORS good spectroscopic properties, could be in principle a perfect material for strip detectors for higher X-ray energies. The complications associated with cooling such detectors, however, means that there is not much development in that direction. On the other hand, signi cant progress has been made recently in the area of so-called room temperature semiconductor detectors, which are based mostly on semi-insulating compounds with high atomic numbers and high energy band gaps. Poor charge transport properties of those materials and dif culties in producing large crystals are still limiting factors and much effort is focused on technological improvements. The basic concept of a strip detector is very simple and is based on splitting a continuous electrode for individual strips, assuming that signals from each strip will be read out by an individual electronic circuit. Starting from a at semiconductor detector one can either make one electrode as a multiple strip pattern and obtain a single-sided strip detector or divide both electrodes into strips and obtain a double-sided strip detector. In order to make such a detector working as a position sensitive device it is required that the strips are well separated electrically so that the current signal induced in a given strip does not ow to the neighbouring strips. The methods of strip separation depend on the detector structures and will be discussed in detail later. In order to use position sensitivity of strip detectors it is required that the signal from each strip is recorded and processed independently by an individual electronic circuit, like for a single detector. Thus, strip detectors require multichannel front-end electronics and the only practical way is to make such electronics as multi-channel integrated circuits. Such solutions have become possible due to advances in Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) electronics, and in particular, due to advances in techniques of designing, prototyping and manufacturing of Application Speci c Integrated Circuits (ASICs). Generic structures of a single-sided and a double-sided semiconductor strip detector are shown in Figure 4.5.1. One can read out every strip, as shown schematically in Figure 4.5.1, or one can
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signal strength will increase when the antenna is moved closer to the source and will decrease when the antenna is moved further away from the EUT. Also, rotating the EUT will cause a variation in the received signal if it is emanating from the EUT. 5. A closed-field probe, or loop probe, can be useful in locating sources of emissions. Figure B.4 shows how the closed-field probe should be connected and used. 6. If the spectrum analyzer has a demodulator and audio output, use these features to determine which emissions are from TV and radio stations, twoway business radios, pagers, cell phones, and so on. 7. To determine the frequency and amplitude on the display, activate the marker function on the analyzer. Using the cursor dial knob, move the cursor to the emission signal in question to the peak level of the signal. Read the frequency and amplitude displayed on the analyzer s screen. The current display will show 30 50 MHz with 40 MHz as center frequency and a span of 20 MHz. To view emissions in the next 20 MHz of the spectrum, press CENTER FREQUENCY and then the STEP UP arrow or equivalent function key. The center frequency should now change to 60 MHz. Use the STEP arrows to investigate emissions up to 1000 MHz or desired end frequency.
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One way to limit your child s online behavior is to limit the amount of time he or she is permitted to use the computer. For example, maybe your child is allowed only a couple of hours each day to surf the Web. Set up a schedule (perhaps the first few hours after school) for your child s online activities. Selecting a time when you are going to be home can also deter children from visiting sites they know you would disapprove of, especially if you are sitting in the next room. This feature can also be used to help evenly distribute computer time amongst several users. If you, your spouse, and your children all share the same PC, setting up a schedule for each user can help limit conflicts about who gets to use this computer first; this is an especially handy feature for siblings. To set up time restrictions for your child
If you re using Dreamweaver, click the Code button on the Document toolbar.
Interface: Enable or disable the Firestarter panel icon applet. Events: Configure the behavior of the Events window by listing hosts and ports
in Shooting mode, the Function button switches between the Recording Information screen and the Quick Navigation screen. In Playback mode, the button opens the Rotate Image menu that is then controlled by the multi-selector.
Wavelet Synthesis by Multirate Filtering
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There are specific mechanisms in place to ensure that scripts are loaded with required dependencies and, of course, you as a plugin or theme developer, have the tools needed to allow your own JavaScript files and libraries to be loaded. WordPress does this using two functions: wp_ enqueue_script() and wp_register_script().
Part VI: Windows 7 Online
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