You have to make a change in one other location. Just a few lines down, find this line:
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Sum(Amount) as [Sum], Avg(Amount) as [Avg] FROM RawData GROUP BY Year(SalesDate), DatePart(q,SalesDate) HAVING Avg(Amount) > 25 ORDER BY [Year], [Quarter]
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When you add an object, such as a picture, text box, placeholder, or shape, it may not appear in the place you want it. When you insert a slide, you may prefer to position the text and content placeholders in a different location than the standard layout. You can reposition objects on a slide so you can strategically place them.
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To the cynical, Microsoft s Zune platform is a fairly transparent copy of the Apple playbook. As with Apple s iTunes platform, Zune is centrally controlled by a single team, in this case from Microsoft. Like Apple s platform, Zune includes PC software for organizing and playing music and other content, accessing an online store, and managing compatible portable devices. Put another way, Zune is a closed platform, as is Apple s. The Zune devices work only with the Zune PC software, and the Zune PC software can t be used to manage any non-Zune devices. The advantages of this kind of solution are tighter integration between hardware and software and, in the case of Zune, a growing set of online services. It s nice when it works out that way, but whereas Apple has gotten almost everything right with its iPod, iTunes, and related solutions, Microsoft has stumbled a bit as it tries to find its way. Today s Zune is a dramatic improvement over the first iteration, and no doubt future versions will be even better, and the Zune is an evolving platform, so it s improving steadily over time. As such, it has certain advantages over the Apple platform, but also some areas where it falls short. Microsoft shipped the first Zune version in late 2006. There was a single Zune hardware device, the since-renamed Zune 30, which came in a classic iPod form factor and included a 30GB hard disk for storage. The original Zune hardware was decent if unexceptional,
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Two radio buttons allow you to select whether the Sidebar is displayed on the left or right side of the screen. Another option lets you determine which monitor displays the Sidebar in multiple monitor environments. Finally, you can click a button to view a list of running gadgets, and another, if it s not grayed out, to restore the default gadgets from when Windows Vista was first installed.
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Mirror Entities works by simply selecting the entities that you want to mirror along with a single centerline, and pressing the Mirror Entities button on the Sketch toolbar. It is a simple and effective tool that you can use on existing geometry. One feature of Mirror Entities may sometimes cause unexpected results. For example, in some situations, Mirror Entities will mirror a line or an arc and merge the new element with the old one across the centerline. This happens in situations when the mirror and the original would form a single line or a single arc. SolidWorks may delete certain relations and dimensions in these situations.
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Synchronous updates use the Linux sync filesystem option, which allows Ubuntu to write data directly to the hard disk instead of buffering the data. This option reduces the amount of time that data are vulnerable to a system crash. As you can imagine, however, synchronous updates slow down performance because programs must wait for Ubuntu to write the files to the disk before continuing. However, this feature greatly increases the reliability of email messages surviving a system crash.
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Appendix B: Template Tags
24: Introduction to XML in .NET
drive as virtual memory to speed up your system. For your hard drive, try to allow for 20GB installation space just to be on the safe side. Of course, these numbers also depend on which edition of Windows Vista you are running, as well as which features you install post-installation (you cannot select which features to include during installation, this is all done post-installation).
NTFS Metadata
Consider a company that is having profitability problems and has determined that one problem is realistic cost estimates. It decides to start a process improvement program to get better at cost estimating and, hopefully, be more profitable. They decide to use the continuous representation of the CMMI and pick the project planning (PP) process area to guide its efforts. Using the best practices in the PP process area, the company discovers that its real problem isn t estimating it s not recognizing the difference between estimates and budgets and the importance of reconciling the differences. It makes some minor, but critical, changes to its planning process and starts seeing its bottom line improve. This encourages it to look at other process areas that seem to address other problems. Eventually, it implements all of the Maturity Level 2 process areas, which are tied to the basic management practices we have been discussing in this book. The company undergoes a CMMI appraisal and becomes rated at Maturity Level 2. Contrast the previous experience with Company XYZ, a government contractor. It would like to expand its business with some new government contract opportunities that require it to be rated at CMMI Maturity Level 2 in order to compete. It immediately adopts a sweeping process improvement program to become level 2 rated within three months. Company XYZ doesn t understand the issues involved with culture change and the time it takes to progress through the forming/storming/norming/performing stages of building effective teams. The SEI statistics show that it takes from 6 to 18 months to move up one level with the median being 12 months. A three-month program is doomed to fail. This is not to imply that being rated at any given maturity level is an invalid reason for initiating a process improvement program. However, for Company XYZ to reap the performance improvement benefits of a process improvement program requires a broader commitment: a goal to manage processes better to ensure profitable delivery within the schedule, which necessitates getting to Maturity Level 2 as a means rather than as the end.
Another wise move is to move the Administrator and administrator type accounts out of the Users folder. This advice is backed by several reasons: Anyone looking for the Administrator is sure to go there rst, and denying access to this folder may be impractical. The security policy governing the Users folder is inherited from the root domain. This means that if for any reason the default or root domain policy changes, it may affect the account without you being aware of it. The Administrator accounts are better grouped in the main IS OU, where access is controlled by speci c OU policy, focused management, and delegated responsibility. To move the Administrator account, follow these steps: 1. Open Active Directory Users and Computers. Double-click the Users folder. 2. Select the Administrator account in the right-hand pane and right-click it. Now choose Move from the pop-up menu. The list of folders and OUs appears. 3. Drill down to a different OU of your choice. Select that OU and click OK. The Administrator account is now moved to the new OU.
FIR Filter Banks. Let us write (6.84) as
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