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Understanding object-oriented code Your first Ruby application The Invoicr application
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Using WordPress conditional tags, you can have WordPress format the title tag more effectively for different kinds of pages
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To launch a game, simply double-click its icon. As shown in the figures earlier in this chapter, the games included with Windows 7 are significantly more attractive than the games in older Windows versions. As a program explorer and shell location, the Games Explorer is customizable in certain ways. Via a standard Organize toolbar menu button, you can perform common shell tasks and change the layout of the window. The toolbar also includes links to Games Explorer options, game-related tools, and Windows 7 s parental controls, the latter of which provide a way for parents to restrict which games their kids can play (among other related functionality; see 8 for more information about parental controls). You can also right-click a game icon and choose the Play option if you think doubleclicking is too simple and obvious. Glibness aside, there is a great new reason to right-click games in the Games Explorer: with Windows 7, two new Pin To options enable you to attach shortcuts to the Start menu or, more usefully, to the taskbar. So if you find yourself playing a certain game quite frequently, you can skip the rigmarole of navigating through the Start menu or using the Games Explorer and simply make that game a permanent inhabitant of your taskbar, as shown in Figure 16-16.
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Simpler examples of bracket sequences are ( ( ) ) and ( ( ) ( ( ) ) ). What is the connection between bracket sequences and the ballot problem
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5 If the number of layers is 3 and the number of codewords is 2, then 1 codeword has to have twice as many symbols as the other one.
The General tab lets you choose how folders look and operate. Under Tasks, you can choose to use the new Vista folder style, or the Windows classic style. Compare the two in Figures 5.22 and 5.23. Lower on the General tab you can tell Windows Vista to browse folders in a single window, or to open new windows as you browse. The latter can result in a cluttered desktop!
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