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Selecting entities to fillet
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Flag (F): Flag bits, in a speci c eight-bit pattern, alert the receiving device to the transmission of the frame, thereby initiating the error-checking procedures. The most commonly used ag character is 01111110 (7E in hexadecimal). Station Address (A): This address eld of eight bits identi es the speci c target device for which the frame is intended, a group address for multiple target terminals, or a broadcast address to all terminals. This eld also can be used to distinguish commands from responses. Control (C): The eight-bit control eld identi es the type of frame being transmitted. An information frame is used for the transfer of messages, frame numbering of contiguous frames in a message, and so on. A supervisory frame is used for purposes such as to indicate a detected error in transmission, acknowledge that frames have been received without error, request the transmission of speci ed frames, and order the transmitting device to stop sending.
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7. What is the primary purpose of the system utilities discussed in this chapter
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Note There s a lot of confusion over the name Performance Monitor. PerfMon.exe was an application that shipped with older versions of Windows. The new Performance Monitor is actually an MMC (Microsoft Management Console) application and is more accurately called Performance console, but SQL Server Books Online and SQL Server Profiler call it Performance Monitor, so I will too. For more details about Performance Monitor, see Windows Administration at the Command Line by John Meuller (Sybex, 2006).
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Select a Time Zone
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_c() is used when you want to include a comment for the translator. After the translatable string, a pipe (|) is used with the text of a comment afterwards; for example, _c( Configuration Panel|relates to wp-admin ). __ngettext() is used with replacement text when there are the chances of singular or plural versions of the text. In the example code shown previously in Listing 5.16, you would instead use the code shown in Listing 5.17.
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Using the Like Search Condition
Part III Developing with SQL Server
IL= -1.05 dB
Figure 1.3 Pliers and cutters
Changing the Menu Text
You can find the hellostyle.css file on the website for this book:
The command(s) completed successfully.
When you select the Use document gap option in this panel, the witness, or extension, lines of the selected dimension are broken by other crossing dimension lines, witness lines, or arrows. This is shown in Figure 23.13.
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