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FIGURE A.6 Windows Defender keeps your machine safe from spyware attack.
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copywriting that have been presented throughout this book. Axioms Axiom 1: Copywriting is a mental process the successful execution of which re ects the sum total of all your experiences, your speci c knowledge and your ability to mentally process that information and transfer it onto a sheet of paper for the purpose of selling a product or service. (page 24) Axiom 2: All the elements in an advertisement are primarily designed to do one thing and one thing only: get you to read the rst sentence of the copy. (page 29) Axiom 3: The sole purpose of the rst sentence in an advertisement is to get you to read the second sentence. (page 33) Axiom 4: Your ad layout and the rst few paragraphs of your ad must create the buying environment most conducive to the sale of your product or service. (page 38) Axiom 5: Get the reader to say yes and harmonize with your accurate and truthful statements while reading your copy. (page 44) Axiom 6: Your readers should be so compelled to read your copy that they cannot stop reading until they read all of it as if sliding down a slippery slide. (page 49) Axiom 7: When trying to solve problems, don t assume constraints that aren t really there. (page 58) Axiom 8: Keep the copy interesting and the reader interested through the power of curiosity. (page 63) Axiom 9: Never sell a product or service. Always sell a concept. (page 71) Axiom 10: The incubation process is the power of your subconscious mind to use all your knowledge and experiences to
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calling party number, 290 call progress message, 283 call reference, 288 cause indicator, 290 circuit assignment, 290 291 closed user group interlock code, 291 connect message, 283 continuity indicator, 291 continuity message, 283 event information, 291 forward call indicators, 292 forward transfer message, 284 information indicators, 292 information message, 284 information request indicators, 293 information request message, 284 initial address message, 282 283 nature of connection indicators, 293 optional backward call indicators, 293 optional forward call indicators, 294 original called party number, 294 pass-along message, 284 redirecting number, 294 redirection information, 294 redirection number, 294 release complete message, 283 release message, 283 resume message, 283 suspend message, 283 suspend/resume indicators, 295 transmission medium requirement, 295 transmission medium used, 295 user service information, 295 user-to-user information, 295 call-control signaling, 277 278 call forwarding, 310 312 calling line identity, 309 310 circuit group supervision, 312 314 circuit supervision, 312 closed user group service, 310 congested/unavailable signaling route set, 314 continuity checking, 309 end-to-end signaling, 305 309 call indicators, 306 information request and messages, 305 306 pass-along method, 306 307 SCCP protocol, 307 308 exchange congestion, 312 failed setup procedures, 316 319 calls originated by ISDN users, 316 317 calls originated by subscribers, 317 318
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Figure 4-20: Creating a password.
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primitives, 203 signaling route congestion and unavailability, 224 Message transmission, cellular mobile networks, 336 338 Method parameter, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) messages, 683 688 MFA Forum, signaling standards, 51 Microwave radio systems digital transmission, 26 28 frequency-division multiplexing, 22 23 Mixed signaling networks, common-channel signaling, 118 Mobile Application Part (MAP). See also IS-MAP call termination operations, 619 625 parameters for, 622 624 visited MSC call routing, 619 622 location updating operations, 613 619 originating call operations, 625 627 overview, 577 Mobile-assisted handoff, IS-54 cellular systems, 363 634 Mobile attenuation code (MAC), AMPS power levels and, 334 335 Mobile control messages advanced mobile phone service system, 343 cellular mobile networks, 347 352 on FOCC, 347 348 on FVC, 348 349 on RECC, 348 on RVC, 349 350 Mobile country code (MCC), GSM cellular system, PLMN identity, 370 371 Mobile equipment (ME) module, GSM cellular system, 371 372 Mobile identi cation number (MIN) cellular mobile networks AMPS signaling, 339 AMPS tone signals and messages, 336 338 cloning protection, 355 356 mobile control message, 350 IS-MAP, 580 parameter, 604 Mobile network code (MNC), GSM cellular system, PLMN identity, 370 371 Mobile on channel (MOCH) invoke, IS-MAP handoff, 595, 597 598 Mobile protocol capability indicator (MPCI), IS-54 cellular systems, 359 360 Mobile serial number (MSN) cellular mobile networks, 339
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Associativity in SolidWorks refers to links between documents, such as a part that has an associative link to a drawing. If the part changes, the drawing updates as well. Bi-directional associativity means that the part can actually be changed from the drawing. One of the implications of this is that you do not edit a SolidWorks drawing by simply moving lines on the drawing; you must change the model, which causes all views of the part or assembly to update correctly. Other associative links include using base parts, where one part is inserted as the first feature in another part. This might be the case when you build a casting. If the part is designed in its as cast state, it is then inserted into another part where machining operations are performed by cut features and the part is transformed into its as machined state. This technique is also used for plastic parts where a single shape spans multiple plastic pieces. A master part is created and split into multiple parts that could, for example, become a mouse cover and buttons. One of the most important aspects of associativity is file management. Associated files are kept connected by filenames. If a document name is changed, and one of the associated files does not know about the change, then the association between the files can become broken. For this reason, you should use SolidWorks Explorer to change names of associated files. There are other techniques that work, as well as some techniques that you should avoid.
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small effect on the ef ciency in the total external re ection regime, the principal improvement has come from improved guring. In the eld of protein crystallography where there is a demand for a low divergence to match crystal perfection and small beam area to match small crystal size, the results have been encouraging. Arndt and Bloomer (Arndt and Bloomer, 1999a,b) note that diffracted intensities approach that equivalent from a 5 kW rotating anode generator with X-ray mirrors, the microfocus source consuming only 80 W, a fraction of the power of
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Although the 3-inch LCD is great for doing quick reviews, it isn t ideal for doing critical reviews. The A700 LCD just can t compare to a computer or television screen. I do use the review to quickly check my photos, making sure that the image is properly exposed.
You can expand on the functionality of the if-then statement by stringing if-then statements together using the elsif keyword:
Only under extreme circumstances should you allow another host to have the same authority on a file system as the local root. To allow this, use the following syntax:
Part VI Optimization Strategies
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