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Blocking switches (Figure 3.6) are engineered in such a way as to support a reasonable level of traf c, with some call attempts intentionally blocked during the busiest hour of the day, which is a worst-case scenario. This approach involves the concept of Grade of Service (GoS), which is the probability of blockage during the busy hour, expressed as a decimal fraction of the calls anticipated to be blocked. The primary technique for designing the system involves the Poisson distribution, which considers not only the traf c load during the busy hour but also the call setup time, including the time required for the user to dial the call and the time the system takes to set the call up. Once the total CCS load is determined, the desired GoS is established. A P.05 GoS, for example, means that there is a probability (P) that 5 percent (.05) of the offered calls will be denied, and the user will either receive no dial tone or a get busy signal, on the rst attempt during the busy hour of the day. A P.01 means that there is a probability (P) that 1 percent (.01) of the offered calls will be denied on the rst attempt during the busy hour of the day. In either case, the likelihood is that those calls will be accepted and processed successfully on the second attempt. However, the difference in circuit cost can be quite signi cant. Table 3.2 is an excerpted Poisson distribution table that clearly illustrates the costs savings associated with the number of circuits required to support various traf c levels of traf c in consideration of various GoS levels. If, for example, the desired GoS is P.05 and the traf c study yielded a Busy-Hour Centum Call Seconds (BHCCS) load of 245, 12 circuits are required. (Note: the BHCCS gure of 245 must be increased to the next highest value in the table, which actually yields a slightly better GoS. Reducing the BHCCS to the next lowest value would yield a slightly worse GoS.) If the desired GoS is P.01, 15 circuits are required. If a virtually nonblocking GoS level of P.001 is desired, 17 circuits are required. So, the assumption is that the general user population will be willing to accept some relatively minor level of inconvenience during the busiest hour of the day in return for the considerable associated cost savings. (Actually, the assumption is that management is willing to impose some relatively minor level of inconvenience on the general user population during the busiest hour of the day in return for the
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22 Building User-Defined Functions
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Voltage probe with alligator clip Current probes with different frequency ranges of operation and inside core diameters Clamp-on ferrite cores in various sizes, shapes, and impedances along with various capacitors in all sizes, shapes, and values Selection of line filters (signal and power), shielding material (gaskets, elastomers, etc.), and connector backshells 8.3.4 Minimum Requirements for Performing EMC Tests In order to perform testing, and troubleshooting if necessary, the following is recommended for emissions: 1. Test Facility or Location with Minimal Ambient Noise. If background noise is excessive, attempting to characterize a signature profile or isolate problem frequencies may be difficult, if not impossible, to achieve. Sources of ambient noise include fluorescent lights, switching networks, broadcast station antennas, and machine tools. 2. Proper Instrumentation Calibrated and in Good Working Order. The equipment includes the following: a. Test Receiver or Spectrum Analyzer. The test instrument must be capable of operating over the frequency range of concern with sufficient sensitivity. Sensitivity means that the tool must be able to measure low-amplitude emissions with accuracy and distinguish ambient noise from an offending signal. In addition, proper detectors and bandwidth settings are required. b. Low-Noise Wideband Preamplifier. In certain environments it may be difficult to isolate an offending signal from the ambient or determine the peak amplitude of the signal. An amplifier (typically +26 dB in gain) makes for ease in locating and measuring signals. If an amplifier is used, the gain value must be deducted from the measured amplitude. c. LISNs or CDNs. These provide for interfacing test instruments to cables and wire assemblies directly. d. Antennas (Biconical, Log Periodic, Horn, etc.). As with test instruments, antennas will operate only within a certain range of frequencies. For each frequency, antenna factors will affect measured results. The antenna factor must be taken into consideration when calculating actual measured field strengths. e. Current and Voltage Probes (Receive and Bulk Injection). These are excellent measurement tools, but like antennas they have a limited frequency range of operation and current-carrying capability. Calibration factors play a significant role in determining accuracy of the measured signal.
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Figure 4.6. The Windows Vista Aero desktop.
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Value Chain Analysis Web Search Fundamentals Web Search Technology Infrastructure Circuit, Message, and Packet Switching Conducted Communications Media Convergence of Data, Sound, and Video Data Compression Digital Communication Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN): Narrowband and Broadband Services and Applications Internet Architecture Internet2 Linux Operating System Local Area Networks Middleware Multiplexing Public Networks Speech and Audio Compression Standards and Protocols in Data Communications Storage Area Networks (SANs) TCP/IP Suite Unix Operating System Video Compression Voice over Internet Protocol (IP) Virtual Private Networks: Internet Protocol (IP) Based Wide Area and Metropolitan Area Networks Legal, Social, Organizational, International, and Taxation Issues Copyright Law Cybercrime and Cyberfraud Cyberlaw: The Major Areas, Development, and Provisions Cyberterrorism Digital Divide Digital Identity Feasibility of Global E-business Projects Gender and Internet Usage Global Diffusion of Internet Global Issues Health Issues International Cyberlaw Internet Censorship Legal, Social, and Ethical Issues Online Stalking Open Source Development and Licensing Organizational Impact Patent Law Privacy Law Software Piracy Taxation Issues Trademark Law
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Telephoto Lenses
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Developable surfaces are a special type of a broader range of surface called ruled surfaces. SolidWorks has a special tool for the creation of ruled surfaces that is described in detail in the next section. Ruled surfaces are defined as surfaces on which a straight line can be drawn at every point. A corollary to this is that ruled surfaces may have curvature in only one direction. Ruled surfaces are far less limited than developable surfaces, but are not as easily flattened.
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To list the columns for the current database using code, query the sysobjects and syscolumns catalog views.
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Expand the loft, and rollback between the loft feature and the first sketch. Answer OK to the prompt, and then rollback to just after the spiral, as shown in Figure 11.32.
Now, create a VB .NET application that accepts the name of the students and their grades. Depending on the grade of the student, the application assigns remarks to them, such as Excellent and Good. The summary of the performance of all the students is then displayed in a text box. The application also checks the user for entering any incorrect data, such as incorrect grades. To execute this code, design a form as shown in Figure 7-1. You also need to make the following changes: Set the Name property of the text box to txtSummary. Set the Multiline property of the text box to true.
Make selections to fillet edges
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