17.6.3 Messages in the Caller Interaction Family This family includes two messages. The message parameters are listed in Table 17.6-4. Send_To_Resource (Interaction) Message. This message is sent by SCP, when it needs to interact with the calling party. ResourceType (Par.28) is set to interaction STR operation. StrParameterBlock (Par.29) contains one or more announcement elements, which specify a spoken phrase to be played, and the number of DTMF digits to be collected from the caller. Resource_Clear Message. If the digit collection is successful, ClearCause (Par.31) indicates normal clearing. If SCP requested address information, the collected digits are in CollectedAddressInfo (Par.16); otherwise, they are in CollectedDigits (Par.17). If the digit collection fails, ClearCause indicates timeout (the expected number of digits has not been received within, say, 5 s) or caller disconnect. If no intelligent network service circuit (INSC) is available, SSP sends a Resource_Clear message, in which FailureCause (Par.33) indicates unavailable resources. 17.6.4 Multiple Trigger Encounters More than one trigger can be encountered during the processing of a call. For example, suppose that a call attempt is made from a line with an OHD trigger, and to a 900 number. The call rst encounters the OHD trigger (in the collecting-information state) and assuming that 900 calls from the line are allowed next encounters a threedigit trigger, in the analyzing-information state (Fig. 17.2-1). Now suppose that a call has encountered a trigger in the analyzing-information state. In most cases, SCP instructs SSP to resume call processing at the same state. In certain situations, this can cause another encounter with the same trigger.
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Alternatives to Physically Deleting Data
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Rich s Take: If you use Windows exclusively and don t have access to a Mac, you can still perform a sanity check to ensure that your Web site displays properly with Mac s Safari browser. Go to www.danvine. com/icapture to use the free iCapture service. iCapture looks at the URL you submit and creates a JPG image of the Web page based on how the Web page displays in Safari. You can then view or download the resulting image.
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30 Programming with ADO.NET 2.0
Sets and calculations like those described in this chapter can be created directly within the cube. Using the Business Intelligence Development Studio, open the Cube Designer for the cube of interest and switch to the Calculations tab.
Calls between the PBX and WAN can follow several scenarios. Calls originating from LAN-attached data terminals go through an Ethernet LAN switch and through a router to a Public Data Network (PDN) such as the Internet, as usual. Calls between LAN-attached IP phones and IP phones located elsewhere can follow the same general route. Calls originating from a PBX-attached voice terminal can go through an IP gateway, over an IP trunk, and to an IP PDN or can connect over a TDM trunk (e.g., T1 or E1) to the PSTN, as usual. 3.6.2 IP PBX
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