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1.2 1 Amplitude (mU)
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2 View the HTML code of the file.
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Update Interval in Seconds: Specifies how frequently the System Monitor
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Specifies whether bookmarks set to not visible should be hidden. Defaults to true. Specifies a list of category IDs to be included in the list. Overrides category, category_name, and exclude. Specifies a maximum number of bookmarks to display. Specifies text or HTML to be appended to each bookmark link. Specifies text or HTML to be prepended to each bookmark link. Specifies how links should be sorted. Defaults to ASC. Specifies the values for which to sort the links. Generally this is a single value designation, but you can specify a hierarchical order of sorting with a comma-separated list. Defaults to name.
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The search tool is another impressive new feature that simplifies the task of finding a particular media file. Type a search item in the search box (even just part of a word) and you see the results of your search immediately, even before you press Enter. If you are at the root level of your library, the results are broken down by Artist, Album, or Song (if you are looking for music); if you are already in one of the subcategories, the specific results that meet your criteria are displayed (see Figure 8.9). Search results appear quickly, even with very large libraries.
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DNS Logon Server
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Primary Multiple
Orientation (Public Instance Property)
The person you are sharing the file with can now read it or copy it to his or her directory. Note that anyone on the system can also read or copy this file, so you should not use this method to exchange information you don t want others to see.
7 Save changes to your document.
Figure 4-48: You cannot pin multiple items of the same type
Figure 20-26: History window View: Selects a version and clicking the View button shows the selected version of the file. Details: Clicks the Details button shows the comments associated with the selected version. Get: Gets the latest version of the file. Check Out: Checks the file out. Diff: Selects two versions and then clicking the Diff button shows the differences between the two selected versions. Pin/Unpin: Pins or unpins the file. When a file is pinned, performing a Get Latest Version retrieves the pinned version. Unpinning the version reverts to using the latest version of the file. Rollback: Performs a rollback on a file discards all versions after the selected one. This command cannot be undone. Rolling back to a version that is earlier than a pinned version is not allowed.
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