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CustomFormat (Public Instance Property)
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Performance Monitor also includes the Performance Logs and Alerts plug-in, which includes Counter Logs, Trace Alerts, and Alerts. This section focuses on Counter Logs. Counter Logs use the same server counters as System Monitor, but instead of graphically displaying the
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.com/windowsvista/getready), which are listed in Tables 2.1 and 2.2.
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RF Measurements for Cellular Phones and Wireless Data Systems. By A. W. Scott and R. Frobenius Copyright # 2008 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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There are now four tabs, instead of two. They are
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The /etc/ttydefs file contains all of the serial port mode definitions. The format of the entries in ttydefs is defined as follows:
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In This Part
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Inorder to explain the basicidea of the Householder transforms we consider two vectors X ,W E (En, and we look at the projection of X onto a one-dimensional subspace W = span {W}:
The Feature Scope used for multibodies is not the same as the Feature Scope used for assembly features, but it does function in a similar way. In assemblies, the Feature Scope identifies which parts are affected by the current assembly feature. In parts, it only applies to bodies, and can be used for features that add material as well as features that remove material (assembly features can only remove material). The Feature Scope is a way to make the Merge Result option more selective. The Merge Result option does not discriminate; it causes the feature to merge with any other solid body that it touches. However, the Feature Scope enables the user to select which bodies to either merge with or otherwise affect. Feature Scope also applies to additional feature types such as cuts. The Feature Scope becomes available in the PropertyManager whenever there are multiple bodies in the part and an eligible feature is used. The Feature Scope panel is shown in Figure 26.16.
In a search for multiple words, the relative weight may be assigned, making one word critical to the search and another word much less important. The weights are set on a scale of 0.0 to 1.0. The isabout option enables weighting and any hit on the word allows the rows to be returned, so it functions as an implied Boolean or operator. The following two queries use the weight option with ContainsTable to highlight the difference between the words lion, brave, and eagle as the weighting changes. The query will examine only the fabletext column to prevent the results from being skewed by the shorter lengths of the text found on the title and moral columns. The first query weights the three words evenly:
By comparing (12.12) with (12.8), Zmo = Av Z. Av 1 (12.13)
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