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More to Come
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When you exit your slide show, PowerPoint asks if you want to save annotations, but only if that option is enabled in the PowerPoint Options dialog box (see 2).
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5: Cascading Style Sheets
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Historic information Relational algebra/ logical design SQL/physical design Object-oriented analysis and design
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Working with Assemblies
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Listing 24-3: Using PersonSerialization to Serialize a Basic Person Class Listing 24-4: Creating a Simple Hierarchy Using Nested Classes
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You can choose to place the DimXpert dimensions on the drawing when placing the views either through the second page of the Model View PropertyManager, or on the Import Options panel (which is closed by default). No, it s not your imagination, this is about as obscure as SolidWorks could possibly make this functionality. Apparently they didn t really expect anyone to use it. Both pages of the Model View (Insert Drawing View Model, or click Model View from the View Layout tab on the Command Manager) are shown in Figure 23.6. The Import Options panel is shown at the bottom of the second page, although I have cut the second page off about half way down. You can find this functionality in one other place: when you drag views from the View Palette in the Task Pane. This interface appears in the image on the right in Figure 23.6. Consensus on this functionality is that it is a work in progress, and while it may offer some interesting functionality, you may not find that it is ready to save you a lot of time when you are dimensioning and tolerancing parts on a drawing. It seems that it has particular difficulty with molded or cast parts, which typically don t have parallel faces.
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FigurE 3-10: The Windows Phone Start screen contains live tiles for the information you need the most.
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Notice that from the master model, you have no way of knowing where the child parts are or even if any child parts exist. Notice also that there is no easy way to create an assembly.
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The most important part of shooting reworks is to use a tripod. Setting the camera on a tripod keeps the camera steady during the long exposure needed to capture the falling light trails. Use Manual Focus mode to preset the focus to in nity, so the camera doesn t have to try to focus on distant bright lights that might give the camera problems. Set the camera to Manual mode, the ISO to 200, and the aperture to f/11. The only setting to change at this point is the shutter speed. I start at 2 seconds and work up or down from there. For photos of just the reworks, use as long a lens as possible to ll the frame with the reworks. If the photo you want to capture is a reworks display over a city skyline, a wider-angle lens is necessary. A reworks display gives you multiple chances to shoot the reworks; use these chances to correct the exposure and framing between photos. The Remote Commander or an optional Sony cable release is useful in this situation, because it reduces camera movement and lets you watch the reworks so that you can trigger the shutter release when the rocket is at its apex. This lets the shutter stay open while the light trails are visible and helps in getting a bright, sharp photo of the rework.
slightly ( 5 %) different calibration to align the peaks. The weak Mn L uorescence ( 640 eV) was clearly measured even for an acquisition time of 10 s. The Mn L uorescence was well separated from the strong O K uorescence at 525 eV. Frank reviewed time-of- ight mass spectrometry (TOF-MS) with low-temperature detectors.27 Conventional mass spectrometers for biomolecules use microchannel plates (MCPs) to measure the arrival times of molecular ions. The sensitivities of MCPs decrease for large ion masses above a few tens of kDa because MCPs rely on secondary electron emission. On the contrary, low temperature detectors can measure low-energy solid-state excitation, such as phonons, and are more sensitive to weakly ionizing, slow-moving particles.
Figure 14.7. The Restore files option.
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26 Developing for SQL Server Everywhere
Part III: Working with Assemblies
Tag: wp_list_archives() Description: Produces a list of archives based on criteria specified. Returns: Echoes or returns a list of archives. Arguments: Array or query string
Checking the Exit Status
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