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Specifies whether the link should go to the next post in the category or the next post incrementally. Defaults to false. Specifies the anchor text to be used for the link. Use %title as a placeholder for the title of the next post. Defaults to ( %title ).
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The default position in the face of poor or no communication is always bad, because the field is left to rumors, innuendo, and the undermining by the inevitably unhappy people who would prefer to see the change effort fail. Do not surrender this field to the enemy.
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Private _FirstName As String
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Metro RPR
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Part VI: Windows 7 Online
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by chemically cleaning them in a hot mixture of hydrogen peroxide and formic acid followed by ultrasonic cleaning in methanol. These tapes were degreased in trichloroethylene, acetone, and methanol prior to the chemical cleaning process for deposition of CeO2 and La2Zr2O7 buffer layers.20
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This chapter serves as a good introduction to InfoPath and its relationship to SQL Server. It described the basics of the product, as well as how to create a form template. This chapter concludes the part on developing with T-SQL. The next part covers Enterprise Data Management.
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which occurs when there are multiple messages for which routing, transmission rate control, and power control need to be done. This general problem is discussed in Section 22.4.11.
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The groups_dir directory objects contain NIS+ administrative group objects. Here are some examples of directory objects:
There is one type of system in which independence between consecutive errors can be achieved automatically; this is a system using frequency hopping. As we noted in an earlier chapter, fading can be made independent from one frequency to another, provided that the frequencies are suf ciently separated. In the ideal case, if the carrier is hopped to a new frequency in each consecutive symbol interval, the error-control code will be dealing with independent errors and will exhibit a corresponding improvement in performance. The GSM system is designed to operate with frequency hopping, and in service networks where it has been implemented, it has proved to enhance performance. The IEEE 802.11 standards also include frequency hopping. The use of coding redundancy with multifrequency operation is very suggestive of frequency diversity operation, and on this point we return to the topic of the connections between diversity and coding as it is employed on fading channels. We do this in the context of examining soft-decision decoding, which we have already noted offers signi cant performance gains relative to hard-decision decoding on fading channels. The reason that soft-decision decoding is more bene cial on fading channels than on steady-signal channels is that in the fading case the soft-decision demodulator output conveys information about the instantaneous level of signal fading imposed on that particular symbol, and this in turn represents a quality metric for that symbol. By using the symbol quality metrics appropriately in decoding, one can achieve more reliable decoding than is achieved with use of only hard-decision demodulator outputs. Furthermore, one can show that given the use of coding on a Rayleigh fading channel, there is a direct connection between soft-decision decoding and diversity combining. Speci cally, one can show the performance achieved with optimum soft-decision decoding of a block code having minimum distance dmin is equivalent to optimum diversity combining with order of diversity equal to dmin [Pro01]. The signi cance of this result can be appreciated by considering the example of using the (24, 12) extended Golay code on 1 a Rayleigh fading channel. This is a rate- 2 code with minimum distance 8. Therefore,
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