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When Pre-defined Views are created, they are set to follow the sheet scale by default; however, you can manually set them to have a custom scale. If you are using the automatic scaling option (found at Tools Options System Options Drawings Automatically Scale New Drawing Views), the sheet scale is automatically changed when the drawing views are populated to make a nice fit of the model geometry on the drawing. The scales used by the automatic feature are all standard multiples of two, so you do not have to worry about odd scale factors on your drawings.
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Note: In my example, I perform four different types of validation: required fields (simply ensuring there s some text in the field) and special checks for state, zip code, and e-mail fields.
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Cover (Gold-plated)
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7. To continue recording, close the Save As dialog box and click the Resume
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1. See how your current CD-ROM drive is set up. Normally, it ll be the sole device on the second IDE channel, and will be set up as an IDE master. (In Windows, you could glean this information from the Device Manager screen, accessible from the Control Panel.) 2. Turn off the PC and unplug it. 3. Remove all cables from the PC s back panel. 4. Remove the PC s cover. (See 1 for details if you re unfamiliar with this step.) 5. Locate the old CD-ROM drive (see Figure 3.12). It shouldn t be too hard to find, since you know where it s located on the front panel. It ll have at least two connectors (power and data), and maybe a third (audio to the sound card). 6. Disconnect the cables from the old CD-ROM drive. You may want to mark the data cable (for example, with a piece of masking tape), because you ll be reconnecting it to the new drive later. 7. Remove the old drive s mounting screws (if any). Usually, you ll see two screws on one side and two on the other. Some drives, however, secure to the PC by one or more spring-mounted clips, in which case there won t be any screws to remove; you ll just release the clip (for example, by pressing it down) and slide the drive out the back. 8. Remove the old drive and set it aside. If it has mounting rails on the side (plastic or metal pieces that secure to the drive s sides with screws), you may need them to put onto the new drive so that it ll fit into your PC.
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The Smart Fasteners with Hole Series is a function that you should be careful when using. It is very effective, but it may cost you some performance (speed). The Hole Series is an Assembly Feature (sketch) that drives several in-context features (holes), and then parts are mated to those in-context features (fasteners).
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SQL Server Express is the product replacement for MSDE, the free edition of SQL Server 2000. But don t think of SQL Express as MSDE 2005. The user limitation is gone. There s a real administrative user interface,
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Problem 3C
Upgrade Input Devices
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