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If you re familiar with the virtual folder capabilities in Windows 7, you ll recognize the Arrange By displays as in-place searches that can be optionally saved for later use. (Otherwise, please refer to 5 for more information.) That is, you can save these views as saved searches and access them later whenever you want. Saving an Arrange By view isn t obvious at all: to do so, tap Alt to display the hidden menu, choose File, and then Save Search. You ll see a standard Save As dialog appear, and you can save the search to the Searches folder associated with your user account or any other location in the file system. You might use this feature to create a virtual folder called Favorite Pictures that is populated only with photos that have been rated with four or five stars, for example.
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Figure 8.7. TEM images of SILAR-grown CdS/Zn0.5Cd0.5S/ZnS multishell structure: (a) TEM image of CdSe-cores, scale bar is 50 nm; (b) two monolayers CdS on CdSecores (a), scale bar is 50 nm; (c) and (e) 3.5 monolayers Zn0.5Cd0.5S on CdS (b), scale bar is 100 nm (c) and 6 nm (e); (d) and (f) 2.5 monolayers ZnS on Zn0.5Cd0.5S (c), scale bar is 100 nm (d) and 10 nm (f). Reprinted with permission from Xie, Kolb, Li, Basch and Mews 2005 Journal of the American Chemical Society 127. Copyright 2005 American Chemical Society.
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Part III
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Table 21-4: The PHP php.ini Configuration File Settings
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HCF - Hybrid Coordination Function
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6.2.3 Resonant-Circuit Oscillator Figure 6.14 shows a resonant oscillator. As a matter of fact, it is a positive feedback ampli er. There is a transformer connected between the drain and the gate. Some
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9. Click Done when you are finished making DVDs.
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Figure 8-10: Establishing display standards for your program.
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Table 18.5 OPTIONS -f -h [ap_id |ap_type ...] cfgadm Command Options (Continued) DESCRIPTION Forces the specified action to occur. Prints out the help message text. If ap_id or ap_type is specified, the help routine of the hardware specific library for the attachment point indicated by the argument is called. Lists the state and condition of attachment points specified. Suppresses any interactive confirmation and assumes that the answer is no. Supplies hardware-specific options to the main command option. The format and content of the hardware option string is completely hardware specific. Supplies listing options to the list (-l) command. Performs a test of one or more attachment points. Executes in verbose mode. Performs hardware-specific functions. Suppresses any interactive confirmation and assumes that the answer is yes.
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rich@testbox:~$ telnet localhost 110 Trying Connected to localhost. Escape character is ^]. +OK Dovecot ready. USER rich +OK PASS test +OK Logged in. LIST +OK 1 messages: 1 449 . RETR 1 +OK 449 octets Return-Path: <rich@testbox.localdomain> X-Original-To: rich Delivered-To: rich@testbox.localdomain Received: by testbox.localdomain (Postfix, from userid 1000) id 641A2180E1; Mon, 27 Oct 2008 06:51:26 -0400 (EDT) To: rich@testbox.localdomain Subject: Test message Message-Id: <20081027145126.641A2180E1@testbox.localdomain> Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 06:51:26 -0400 (EDT) From: rich@testbox.localdomain (Rich Blum) This is a test message. . DELE 1 +OK Marked to be deleted. QUIT +OK Logging out, messages deleted. Connection closed by foreign host. rich@testbox:~$
and biological moieties to mimic arti cial photosynthesis.69 71 Figure 14.15 illustrates a scheme for the translation from natural to arti cial photosynthesis. Many of these use the active solution-processed species on a nanostructured TiO2 or other oxide platform.72,73 Natural photosynthesis makes use of an antenna array feeding excited states to an inorganic reaction center where the actual redox chemistry occurs. It has been a long-standing goal to replicate these functionalities in an inorganic or hybrid system. Accomplishing this may be the holy grail of energy conversion and will require hybrid nanostructures designed to transport excitons and do high-energy redox chemistry.
CREATE VIEW dbo.vEventList30days AS SELECT dbo.vEventList.EventCode, LastName, FirstName FROM dbo.vEventList JOIN dbo.Event ON vEventList.EventCode = Event.EventCode WHERE Event.DateBegin BETWEEN GETDATE() and GETDATE() + 30
damage at higher gate voltages. This Jamage does not correlate with chargepumping current. Analysis of the time dependence shows that the damage at these high gate voltages of stress does follow a time power law (as in Eq. 6.3), but with a reduced gradient of 0.2-0.3 (Fig. 6.4b). The absence of a charge pumping signal following stresses indicates that the damage is due to electron trapping in the oxide (Not,e-oxide traps created by electrons). That this trapping occurs in the presence of significant gate electronic currents further indicates that the damage is created by injected electrons. An explanation for the lower gradient obtained for these types of stress as compared to those at Ib(max) conditions has been suggested. 35 As electrons are injected into the oxide, the trapped charge in the oxide builds up a repulsive potential field that causes a decrease in the amount of charge injected into the oxide (this is discussed further in the next section on p-channel stressing). Therefore, the amount of injected charge per unit time decreases as the stress time increases. However, plotting degradation as a function of injected charge instead of time (Fig. 6.4c) shows that the ubiquitous 0.5 gradient tc. the power law. Relaxable Damage Following arguments developed for hot hole damage, it would be expected that the oxide traps are located at all distances into the oxide from the interface and, thus, show relaxable or slow state properties. The presence of slow electron states, has proved much more difficult to detect than would be thought. The presence of slow states has been seen in this gate voltage range. However, it is in the reoxidized nitrided oxides, which show much larger electron trapping, that evidence of slow states are seen unambiguously.36 The maximum amount of relaxable damage was found to peak at the same gate voltage as, the gate current, as would be expected for hot-electron-generated relaxable traps. 6.3.4 Gate Voltage Dependence of Stress: p-MOS
Part II
sound card s built-in synthesizer and play back a MIDI file through your PC s speakers (for example, if you get violins with one method and a xylophone with the other), then you have a mapping problem. It could be that your synthesizer doesn t support the General MIDI specification, which most PC operating systems presume, and has a different patch list. (The patch list relates MIDI code numbers to instrument sounds.) You may be able to obtain a software map from your synthesizer s manufacturer; it ll take the form of a CFG or IDF file. Otherwise, you ll have to create your own using a tool such as Microsoft s free and downloadable IDFEdit utility. Or just buy a different synthesizer that conforms to General MIDI.
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