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Note that most of the tags in Listing 12.11 do not take any arguments at all. However, some, such as the_tags(), the_category(), the_content(), the_date(), and the_time() accept optional arguments:
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Web Development with the Mac
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Table of Figures
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Creating a Script File
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Using replication effectively Understanding the Microsoft replication model Creating the four replication types Understanding the SQL Server 2005 replication differences Defining publishers and subscribers
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While Windows 7 does support per-folder encryption with EFS, as with BitLocker and BitLocker To Go (see below), this feature is limited to Windows 7 Enterprise and Ultimate.
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Drawing templates can be saved with the Revision Table stub if it also has a format. The revision table is not saved with the format because it has to go on the drawing sheet.
After authorizing against Google, you will be returned to a screen that displays all associated Blogger accounts.
The query begins with the Tour table. For every Tour row, SQL Server will attempt to identify matching BaseCamp rows by comparing the BasecampID columns in both tables. The Tour table rows and BaseCamp table rows that match will be merged into a new result:
Service Notification Services Data Transformation Services (DTS) SQL Browser SQL Server Active Directory Helper SQL Writer SQL Server SQL Server Agent Analysis Server Report Server Full-Text Search Shared Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Instance Specific
for accuracy instead of rotating a dial blindly on an amplifier. A calibration chart must be maintained and used during the test. Upon completion of calibration, one only needs to monitor the frequency and amplitude level on the signal generator. The current (bulk) injection probe is removed from the calibration jig and secured over the wires to be tested (Figure 6.13). The wires/cables will have fixed impedance. With an impedance mismatch existing between probe and cables, the am-
Market Segmentation and Analysis 101
Windows Media Player 11 has considerably fewer visualizations than WMP 10. Personally, I don t find this to be a negative as the number of visualization varieties in the past started to be more than most people would use. Of course, you can always customize the Windows Media Player application to match your desired look and feel. When you launch the application for the first time, WMP throws everything but the kitchen sink at you: It appears in Full view and includes both the List pane and Enhancements (which include features such as the graphic equalizer). You can make individual panes or components disappear simply by right-clicking the pane and deselecting it or clicking the close button. In the case of the Show List pane, you can simply click the aforementioned blue arrow.
Make a Duplicate Slide
If a problem with a database file does exist, Management Studio shows the database as unavailable, and looking in the logs reveals the problem, as shown in Figure 36-5.
multifunction PC cards or mini peripheral component interconnect (miniPCI) cards. Including modem capability is especially sensible. Modems, because they connect to public infrastructure, are regulated and approved by each country. Therefore, they are commonly included in notebook PCs as add-in cards. Similar regulations apply to wireless LAN cards. It therefore makes sense to integrate the two functions on the same card. Broadcom has the competitive advantage of an established presence in the LAN and broadband 1C markets. It has relationships with major suppliers of NICs (except perhaps Intel) and other LAN equipment. Broadcom also has established customer relationships with several PC companies, including Compaq and Dell. Further, Broadcom is a large supplier of cable modem and set-top box (STB) chips. Potentially, the company can design wireless LAN functions into these products; at a minimum it can take advantage of the existing marketing channel. Broadcom also markets Bluetooth chipsets and is therefore well-positioned to develop combination wireless LAN-wireless PAN chipsets. 7.13.2 Product Overview Broadcom's wireless product portfolio consists of wireless LAN chipsets for Bluetooth, 802.11a/b, and direct broadcast satellite applications. The BCM94301 reference design family supports 802.lib and is based on the company's BB+MAC (BCM430x) and radio chip (BCM2051) for incorporation in NICs. In Q103, Broadcom announced sampling for a threechip, dual-band 802.11a/b chipset (BCM94309MP) based entirely on a CMOS process. The three chips are BB+MAC (BCM4309), 2.4-GHz radio (BCM2050), and 5-GHz radio (BCM2060).
been designed to work like miniaturized PCs. That is, they run applications. And when you want to perform some common task such as make a phone call, view pictures, or check your schedule you have to think in terms of the application you must run in order to accomplish that task.
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