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Automating Everything . . . Well, Almost!
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Tele-Visionaries: The People Behind the Invention of Television. By Richard C. Webb Copyright 2005 the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
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FIGURE 12-1 The Windows Server Print Service, represented as a stack of services.
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Replication Services
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string originalDB = AWMobile.sdf ; SqlCeEngine engine = new SqlCeEngine( Data Source = + originalDB); try { engine.Compact(); engine.Dispose(); } catch(SqlCeException e) {} finally { engine.Dispose(); }
If, for some reason, the refresh rate makes your monitor go nuts, press the Escape key to revert to the previous refresh rate. As noted earlier in the section on resolution, Windows might think your monitor is capable of more than it actually is.
Did you mean to delete two teams Perhaps not, but there s no way to get them back. Much better and safer to issue two delete statements based on the id field. You ve been warned. I ve now covered those CRUD operations I mentioned earlier. If you stopped reading this chapter now, you d have 90% of what you need to use MySQL and good for you! But my editor has generously granted me more room to discuss that which will make you more comfortable with MySQL, and I m going to take advantage of it.
A quick way of accessing the System Properties window is to press the Windows logo key plus the Break key.
If X ( w ) is absolutely integrable, z ( t ) can be reconstructed from X ( w ) via
the bland but descriptive defaults Microsoft chooses (e.g., Local Area Connection and Wireless Network Connection). View status of this connection: This launches the connection status window, described previously. Change settings of this connection: This option brings up another blast from the past, the old Network Connection Properties window, from which you can view and configure the various network types, protocols, and other networking technologies supported by the connection. As shown in Figure 9-16, this dialog hasn t changed much since Windows 95.
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