Encryption involves scrambling and perhaps compressing the data prior to transmission; the receiving device is provided with the necessary logic to decrypt and decompress the transmitted information. Encryption logic generally resides in rmware included in stand-alone devices, although it can be built into virtually any device.
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When you are inside the HTML code of your file, navigate to the form you want to customize. For the book example, look for the form named subform.
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While the number of Internet users continues to grow at incredible rates, not everyone has access. In this Information Age, there is great concern about creating a new class system of the information haves and have-nots. In an attempt to address this issue of the digital divide, a great debate has arisen about subsidizing some level of universal service, much as was assured in the 1930s for the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). With the goal of providing access to every American school by the year 2000, $36 million was raised from private sources in 1995 with matching funds from U.S. government sources and donations. Additionally, various carriers offered special access rates and some manufacturers donated equipment or offered special discounts [14]. Access from the customer premises to the Internet can be accomplished through a variety of means, including a dial-up connection, DSL, CATV modem, or a dedicated circuit. The local loop portion of the access circuit might be provided by the Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier (ILEC), the CATV provider, or a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) and may be either wireline or wireless in nature. The connection might be supported over the circuit-switched PSTN, a packet-
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now or simply prepare the connection. One final note about this option; your company may require you to download a piece of additional software that has been specially configured to work with the corporate VPN. If this is the case, be sure to stick with corporate policy and use their desired VPN client. It s generally a good idea to keep your system administrators at work happy; one great way to do this is to respect their IT security policies.
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Figure 3.2.10 Images of an aluminum plate obtained with an X-ray analytical microscope. The slip bands resulting from by repeated fatigue test cycles can be seen. N corresponds to the number of cycles, pulling was done at test plane (311) or effective depth (te = 11.81 m)
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The Point Deform option enables you to push a point on the model, and the model deforms as if it were rubber. Figure 7.63 shows the PropertyManager, as well as a before-and-after example of the Point Deform function. The key to using this feature is to ensure that the Deform Region option is turned off. Aside from that, you just have to use trial and error when applying the Deform option. The depth, diameter, and shape of the deformation are not very precise. Also, you cannot specify the precise location for the point to be deformed. Again, this is best used for looks-like models, not production data. In the model from Figure 7.63, two Point Deform features are used, one to apply some shape to the back and one to apply some shape to the seat.
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5. A History of Engineering & Science in the Bell System, The Early Years (1875 1925). Bell Telephone Laboratories, 1975. 6. Bates, Regis J. Introduction to T1/T3 Networking. Artech House, 1992. 7. 8. Minoli, Daniel. Enterprise Networking: Fractional T1 to SONET, Frame Relay to BISDN. Artech House, 1993. 9. Trulove, James E. A Guide to Fractional T1. Artech House, 1992. 10. Gelber, Stan. Introduction to Data Communications: A Practical Approach. Professional Press Books, 1991. 11. Flanagan, William A. The Guide to T1 Networking. Telecom Library, 1990. 12. Doll, Dixon R. Data Communications: Facilities, Networks, and Systems Design. Wiley, 1978. 13. Elbert, Bruce R. Private Telecommunication Networks. Artech House, 1989. 14. Freeman, Roger L. Fundamentals of Telecommunications, 2nd ed. Wiley, 2005. 15. Kleinrock, Leonard. Principles and Lessons in Packet Communications. In Partridge, Craig. (Ed.), Innovations in Internetworking. Artech House, 1988. 16. Heart, F. E., Kahn, R. E., Ornstein, S. M., Crowther, W. R., and Walden, D. C. The Interface Message Processor for the ARPA Computer Network. In Partridge, Craig (Ed.), Innovations in Internetworking. Artech House, 1988. 17. Spohn, Darren L. Data Network Design. McGraw-Hill, 1993. 18. Horak, Ray. ISDN: To Be Delivered as Promised Datapro Communications Analyst. Datapro Information Services, January 1995. 19. Stallings, William. ISDN and Broadband ISDN with Frame Relay And ATM, 3rd ed. Prentice-Hall, 1995. 20. Rybczynski, Antony. X.25 Interface and End-to-End Virtual Circuit Service Characteristics. In Partridge, Craig (Ed.), Innovations in Internetworking. Artech House, 1988. 21. Held, Gilbert. Understanding Data Communications. SAMS Publishing, 1994. 22. Levitt, Jason. Hold The Phone! Information Week, May 15, 1995. 23. Skvarla, Carol A. ISDN Services in the U.S.: Overview. IT Continuous Services. Datapro Information Services, April 14, 1998. 24. Stargess, James. ISDN D Channel Packet Service: Coming Soon to a Store Near You. Network World, March 11, 1996. 25. ISDN: A User s Guide to Services, Applications & Resources in California. Paci c Bell, 1994. 26. Flanagan, William A. ISDN: A Practical Guide to Getting Up and Running, 2nd ed. CMP Books, 2000. 27. Tredinnick, Ian. X.25: A New Lease on Life with ISDN. Telecommunications, June 1995. 28. LeFevre, Jim. Intel Taps NetManage for Always On/Dynamic ISDN. ENT, May 6, 1998. 29. Minoli, Daniel and Mattern, Peggy. Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Standards and Implementations. IT Continuous Services. Datapro Information Services, March 10, 1999.
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The WLL options available are numerous and include nonstandard and standard approaches and both licensed and unlicensed frequency bands. This discussion of WLL options includes the most signi cant and what I consider to be some of the most interesting. Regardless of the speci c technology, RF-based WLL con gurations include centralized antennas, or base stations, that either are located at the edge of the carrier network or are connected to the network edge via optical ber, DSL, T1/E-1 facilities, or perhaps microwave. The base stations connect to matching antennas at the customer premises, as illustrated in Figure 9.11. Free Space Optics (FSO) solutions involve infrared (IR) transmitter/receivers. Local Multipoint Distribution Service Bernard B. Broussard developed Local Multipoint Distribution Service (LMDS). Together with Shant and Vahak Hovnanian, Broussard formed CellularVision, a New York wireless cable TV rm that provided 49 TV channels and later added high-speed Internet access. The technical rights to LMDS technology later were spun off into a separate company. In the United States, the FCC rst auctioned licenses for LMDS radio in early 1998. The 104 successful bidders yielded revenues of approximately $578 million, which certainly underscored the interest in WLL. Notably, and in consideration of the emphasis on competition in the local loop, the RBOCs and CATV providers were not permitted to participate and further were prevented from holding any LMDS licenses for a period of three years in order to encourage competition. Licenses were awarded in two blocks for each of 492 markets known as Basic Trading Areas (BTAs). The A block has a width of 1.15 GHz in the frequency ranges of 27.5 28.35 GHz, 29.1 29.25 GHz, and 31.0 31.15 GHz. The B block has a width of 150 MHz in the spectrum between 31.15 and 31.3 GHz. Outside of North America, LMDS operates in the 20- and 45-GHz bands. Given the high frequencies used, LMDS
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You can get data out of the database by using the find method. There are many ways to use find, with perhaps the easiest way being to find all records:
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Part 5: Programming in Ubuntu
where kl (S(t)) = |hkl |2 is the power gain (inverse attenuation) of the signal transmitted by the intended TX of link k to the intended RX of link l , when the network topology is in the state S(t), and Pl (t) is the power used for transmission along the l-th link.
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