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.NET Methods That Support CLR Integration
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26.5 Speech Coding, Multiplexing, and Channel Coding 26.5.1 Speech Coder
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Figure 11.12 conversion.
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One of the final features you explore in this chapter regarding DataSets is the DataView object. The DataView object serves as a layer above a DataTable that provides you with the means to filter and sort the data in a specific DataTable. This capability to filter and sort the data on the client (or at least the machine where the DataTable lives) helps minimize any excess calls to the database to perform similar functions. Also, because any control or tool that can bind to a DataTable can also bind to a DataView, you can utilize the DataView object to allow multiple clients to view the same DataSet in different ways. Each DataTable within a DataSet contains a default DataView object that is what all controls and tools bind to by default when binding to a DataTable. As shown in the
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38: The Flaw of Averages in Health Care
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16: The Display
Linux provides the $ special variable that holds the existing status value from the last command that executed. You must view or use the $ variable immediately after the command you want to test, as it changes values to the exit status of the last command:
Figure 1.18: Principle of FDD and TDD operation.
TabCount (Public Instance Property)
Since 1980, CCS is also being used for other applications. In Fig. 2.1-2, a service control point (SCP) and an operations, administration, and maintenance (OAM) center also have signaling data links, and exchanges can send messages to, and receive messages from, these network entities. Procedures that involve signaling between an exchange and a SCP, or between an exchange and an OAM center, are known as transactions. The SCPs in a network support intelligent network (IN) services [5 7]. These services require information that cannot be stored conveniently in exchanges. A well-known IN service is 800 calling. The 800 numbers are not in the conventional format of national numbers and cannot be used by the exchanges to route calls to their destinations. Therefore, when an exchange receives a call with an 800 number, it starts a transaction with the SCP, requesting the translation of the received 800 number. The SCP then translates the number into the national number of the called party and returns that number to the exchange, which then proceeds to set up the connection. The OAM centers allow centralized operation, maintenance, and administration of the network. For example, there are transactions in which the OAM center requests an exchange to test a particular trunk and to report the test results. Other
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attributed. Classes are also endowed with certain rules that dictate which classes of objects can be parents, which can be children, and which can be both. We mentioned earlier that the Active Directory schema is extensible. This means that programmers can code against the API and create and manage their own objects (refer to the discussion on ADSI later in this chapter, in the My Active Directory section). This enables application developers to use Active Directory and save con guration and state information about applications. Of course, the registry is still a valid place to store information, especially for hardware settings, but Active Directory offers features such as replication, propagation, and a wider gene pool of objects, such as users, with which to interact and coexist.
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