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14.2.4 Personalization
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Display States can be shown on drawings if you have set the view to a Shaded Display mode. If you set the view to a Wireframe mode, then SolidWorks ignores the Display State, and all of the parts in the view display in that mode. Drawing views are discussed in depth in 21.
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When writeable CDs came out, users exhibited some confusion about the different standards, but happily they settled out into two main categories: CD-R and CD-RW. The names even make sense: the R in CD-R means recordable, and the RW in CD-RW means rewriteable. So, you can write to a CD-R disc, but only once; you can write to a CD-RW disk many times. (CD-R is a subset of a larger class of write-once, read-many devices that fall under the acronym WORM.) One of the best PC upgrades I know of is to either replace or augment your existing CD-ROM drive with a CD-R, CD-RW, or (best of all) combo drive. You may even consider getting a drive that can also read DVD-ROM discs, for maximum flexibility.
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But when you look at the extremes of the population, things are ampli ed. Consider the 1st and 99th percentiles of 184 and 334. Regardless of sex, only one student out of a 100 gets a score of 184 or less, and one out of 100 gets a score of 334 or greater. The tails of the graphs tell the story, as shown in Figure 39.3. Once you reach
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Part IV
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Microsoft dropped the My from the Documents, Pictures, Music, and so on, folders for Windows Vista. This book refers to all of these folders by their new name.
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46 Authoring Reports with Reporting Services
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Fetching data with a cursor Strategically using or avoiding cursors Converting a slow cursor to a highperformance set-based solution
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SELECT Name, SID FROM sysserver_principals WHERE Name = Sam
15.5.2 Receiver End Enhancements
Part V Business Intelligence
Another option to consider, like disk space, is bandwidth. Bandwidth, unlike disk space, is a metric of data transferred to and from the server. Generally, bandwidth is more readily available than disk space, and all but the largest blogs probably do not need to be overly concerned with this. Like disk space, many shared hosting providers market their hosting plans with unlimited bandwidth and, as with unlimited disk space, this is a misnomer. Though these servers are generally capable of terabytes (1000GB) of data transfer, bandwidth is still a finite resource. Still, for a mid-tier site with
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Photos stored on your Windows Phone can be copied to your PC either automatically or manually. This is determined by the Import Settings option discussed in the previous section.
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3: Welcome to Internet Explorer 7
Sometimes, you can get old games to run on Windows Vista. Sometimes you can t. It s really nothing more than a crap shoot. Windows Vista includes a number of compatibility tools that work to allow you to get pre-Vista games to run on the new operating system. They do the trick, most of the time, but they re not foolproof. In my experiments, I could get most Windows XP games to run on Windows Vista, but Windows 9x games were far less likely to make peace with the new OS. All is not lost, however. As Windows Vista makes its way into the world, it s likely that some old games will receive patches from their makers to work with the new operating system, and Windows Vista itself might receive updates to smooth compatibility problems.
TABLE 5.4. Characteristics of TFTs with Solution-Processed Gate Dielectric, Underlayer Dielectric, and Channel Silicon TFT-4 (n-ch) ULD Channel Si Gate dielectric Mobility (cm2/Vs) Vth (V) S-factor (V/dec) SP SP SP 23.0 7.9 1.4 TFT-5 (p-ch) SP SP SP 9.9 11.0 1.1 TFT-6 (n-ch) CVD SP CVD 32.0 7.1 1.1
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