Probability and the War on Terror
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9.93 x 107
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FIGURE 18.23 The Options menu with the Player tab open
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Primary path filter location Polarising scatterer and/or secondary target 90 Secondary filter Secondary path Primary path filter location Unpolarised X-ray source Primary path
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Undoubtedly, a typical cause for breakdown in regression are gross outliers in the carrier X . In the robustness literature, the problem of leverage points and groups has therefore been tackled by so-called high breakdown point regression (see Section 7.12). I doubt that this is the proper approach. Already with individual leverage points, the existence of several, phenomenologically indistinguishable but conceptually very different situations with entirely different consequences rather calls for a diagnostic or data analytic approach, followed by an investigation of possible causes and alternative what if analyses. Individual leverage points can be diagnosed in a straighforward fashion with the help of the so-called hat matrix (see the next section). With collaborative leverage groups, the situation is worse, since such groups typically are caused either by a mixture of different regressions (i.e., the carrier matrix is composed from two or more disparate components, X = X( ) U X( ), on which the observations y ( l ) and y( ) follow different laws), or by gross errors having a common cause. In my opinion, if there are sizable minority components, the task of the statistician is not to suppress them,
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The print monitor essentially monitors the entire print job and reports its status back to the spooler. If a print job times out for some reason, the monitor noti es the spooler, and the spooler sends a message to the client. Several print monitors are built into Windows Server 2008. You can see the list when attempting to create a new port for the job data connection. Unfortunately, Windows Server 2008, like its predecessor, tends to create confusion between the monitor type and the actual I/O port, as illustrated in Figure 12-3.
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Part V: Creating Drawings
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Step into the Real World
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Ceva's theorem
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2. Never use descriptive filenames.
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De ning a data source
Protecting Your Privacy
2: Playing with the LiveCD
Search: for finding and replacing text in the active editor buffer area Tools: provides access to features for plug-in tools installed in gedit Documents: for managing files open in the buffer areas Help: provides access to the complete gedit user manual
FIGURE 14.6 In the Games Overrides window you can manually allow or block specific games.
adWChar (string)
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(c) At fo, two tank circuits are in resonant state and coupled by LC in parallel
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