But . . . that cost. I wouldn t blame you if you wanted to make a prudent business decision and choose something a little more lightweight. The best (or second-best) option here is a virtual private server. Many companies offer servers that run as virtualized instances on powerful machines. It s not as fast as a dedicated server, but for a few sites, it can meet your needs at half the cost. When evaluating a hosting company, you ll examine a wide range of choices. When you narrow your vendors down to a handful based on features and price, use your favorite search engine to find out what others have to say. Don t be put off by negative reviews either. Any hosting company will always have a disgruntled, vocal minority. Pay attention to all the reviews, and weigh them accordingly.
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The same trend. Entrepreneurism and economic openness lead to developing wealth, which in turn feeds political stability and allows people to advance socially. This is the capitalist model. And it allows individuals and communities to progress through up Abraham Maslow s Needs Pyramid, accumulating wealth and stability as they go. As Maslow tells us, philanthropy can only really come once we have enough to provide for ourselves. This, as with every rule, goes only as far as its exceptions, but serves for most organizations involved in fundraising around the world. For most of our money does not come from the very rich or the very poor; it comes from the middle class. Philanthropy grows in direct correlation to the growth and the stability of the middle class. The opening of economies from Russia to India and China in the past 15 years, has, as we have seen, brought billions more people into the global economy. True, only a very small percentage of them currently are able to purchase, consume, and give at the levels of a typical Westerner, but the scales are such that even a small percentage represents a huge bound for the world philanthropic economy.
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Introducing the Windows Vista Help and Support system Browsing the help system Searching the help system Getting help online Using Remote Assistance
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effective copywriter, answer the question when it is being raised by the reader. By putting the price in a logical position in the copy whether it be in the coupon, which is the ideal place, or in the copy highlighted with a bold typeface you are answering the question that the reader asks without knowing when the reader is ready to ask the question. The reader simply scans the ad and if the price is in bold or in the coupon, the price will pop out and answer the question. 20. Offer Summary: It s a really good idea to summarize what you are offering the consumer somewhere near the end of your ad. So here s my offer. Order two pots with Te on coating and you ll receive the two pots plus our handy cookbook and video for the price of only $19.95. You ll be surprised at how many ads miss this important point. 21. Avoid Saying Too Much: This is probably the biggest mistake my students make. They say too much. There are really two issues here. The rst issue is one of editing. It is normal to say as much as you can about a subject and then re ne the copy to a point where it ows smoothly. This usually means editing and reducing the copy length until it has rhythm and it ows. This could take time and involves a few steps. First, say to yourself as you go through the editing process, Is there a simpler way of saying this Very often you can cut your copy down 50 to even 80 percent and still say the same thing. It s the difference between a salesperson who talks too much and one who is to the point and succinct. Wouldn t you rather be sold by the one who is to the point There is another issue involved with not saying too much, and later in this book in the Mental Enagement section of 19 I explain how not saying too much will actually enhance and even stimulate the selling process. 17 on editing also has ideas that will help you reduce your copy. 22. Ease of Ordering: Make it easy to order. Use a toll-free number, a coupon, a tear-off reply card or any vehicle that is easy to understand and use. My recommendation: Use a coupon
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