In many respects, a vendor class is really just a container object that groups together custom DHCP options. You name the vendor class and assign to it new scope options not otherwise de ned by the standard options. To create a vendor class, you specify a display name for the vendor class, a description, and an ID. The display name and description are primarily for convenience and identi cation within the DHCP console. The ID uniquely identi es the vendor class.
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You can set a handful of general properties for RIP in addition to those described in the previous sections. To set these properties, open the IP Routing branch in the RRAS console, right-click RIP, and choose Properties. Use the General tab to con gure logging, and the Security tab to de ne the routers from which the local router will process RIP announcements.
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is on parabolic refractive X-ray lenses that can be used in e.g. a new hard X-ray microscope that allows sub-micrometer resolution and for e.g. combined uorescence spectroscopy and tomography. Applications in the realms of biology, XRF computed micro-tomography, geochemistry and environmental research are given. The most dramatic and spectacular progress has certainly been made recently in the eld of X-ray detector technology, and all this is covered in 4. In Subchapter 4.1, L. Str der, G. Lutz, u P. Lechner, H. Soltau and P. Holl (Max-PlanckInstitute for Physics and Extraterrestrial Physics, pnSensor and/or the Semiconductor Lab of the Max Planck Institute, Munich, Germany) treat advances in silicon detectors. After an introduction to the basic operation principles of semiconductors and the electronics used, some important new detectors are discussed in detail and important applications in XRS and imaging are reviewed. The detectors include Silicon Drift Detectors for X-ray detection, Controlled Drift Detectors (CDD), fully depleted backside illuminated pn-CCD and Active Pixel Sensors (APS) for XRS. All these quite sophisticated detectors have left their initial elds of applications in high-energy physics, astrophysics and SR research. They are now a mature technology and open many new industrial applications. These detectors exhibit now a high quantum ef ciency, excellent energy resolution, high radiation tolerance, good position resolution, high speed, homogeneous response of the full bandwidth of radiation and high background rejection ef ciency. In Subchapter 4.2, C. A. N. Conde (Department of Physics, University of Coimbra, Portugal) treats the role of new gas proportional scintillation counters (GPSC) for XRS, after considering the physics of the absorption of X-rays in gases, the transport of electrons and the production of electroluminescence in gases, and the basic concepts of different types of GPSC. Their energy resolution is only 8 % for 5.9 keV X-rays, but they can be built with very large windows and be useful for very soft X-rays like the K-lines of C and O. Different types of cryogenic detectors, operating near the liquid helium temperature (implying sophisticated cooling systems) and offering unseen energy
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19 Performing Bulk Operations
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Looking at it from the Toolbox point of view, Toolbox cannot work with its parts in the vault, and if changes were allowed to the parts (sizes add configurations), then you would need to check in the part every time you added a size. This is not necessarily a problem, but it does become awkward. Some PDM products allow files to exist outside the vault, while pointers to the files exist within the vault. This is one very good option for using Toolbox with a PDM product. Another good option is to simply use the Create Parts setting. This creates individual files that are easier to manage. It may also be important for a different reason: some PDM products, such as PDMWorks Workgroup, do not distinguish configurations as separate controllable or separately identifiable documents.
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If you decide to use a commercial network application, you ll have a head start on deciding what you want to monitor. Every tool that we have used or looked at provides a number of built-in templates for such things as disk space, CPU utilization, critical processes, and connectivity. If you re going with a home brew approach, you ll want to come up with your own set and then determine how you can best monitor each. For live monitoring (i.e., you re sitting at the screen), perfmeter can be useful. It does, however, require that remotely monitored systems be running the rstatd daemon (rpc.rstatd). If you watch a critical server with perfmeter (see Figure 9.1), you will notice right way if CPU usage hits the ceiling or the load starts to climb. Keep in mind that the number displayed along with each graph represents the scale of the individual panel not the high value. A flat-line display on a panel showing a 64 is still zero. perfmeter displays any or all of a number of values, as shown in Table 9.1.
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The point of force field analysis is to understand what your early battle plan should be. There are few fights that can t be won at all, and equally few that require no effort. If you don t know the pros and cons, then you don t know your assets and liabilities.
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This section helps you decide what kind of battery backup unit to get; how big it should be (in rated capacity, not physical dimensions!), and how to install it.
to a network, some programs and features are automatically configured to communicate through the firewall, as shown in Table 7-1.
5. How do you ungroup Windows tabs
Ruby on Rails system. Symfony provides a completely different development experience with dependence on YAML (ironically meaning YAML Ain t Markup Language), a data serialization standard.
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