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Channel Assignment Strategies
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Here, you re overriding several defaults of the th element: You re aligning the text to the left instead of the default center, and you re changing the text color to white and adding a white right border because you re changing the background color to blue. This white border lines up with the column borders of the body cells.
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If you would like to follow along with these steps to create the design table, you can use the part from the CD-ROM with the filename 10 DTstart.sldprt. n
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information that needs to be protected. Strength of authentication is tied to the use of multiple factors of information, i.e., something you know (a password), something you have (a hardware token card, a digital certificate), or something you are (biometrics). Authorization is the process of determining whether an authenticated user has the appropriate privilege to access a requested resource. The union of authentication and authorization is commonly referred to as access control. One of the most challenging problems in managing large networked systems is the complexity of security administration. Today, security administration is costly and prone to error because administrators usually specify access control lists for each user on the system individually. Rolebased access control (RBAC) is a technology that is attracting increasing attention, particularly for commercial applications, because of its potential for reducing the complexity and cost of security administration in large networked applications. With RBAC, security is managed at a level that corresponds closely to the organization's structure. Each user is assigned one or more roles, and each role is assigned one or more privileges that are permitted to users in that role. Security administration with RBAC consists of determining the operations that must be executed by persons in particular jobs, and assigning employees to the proper roles. Complexities introduced by mutually exclusive roles or role hierarchies are handled by the RBAC software, making security administration easier. 3.6.2 Ensuring Link Privacy and Integrity
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Table 12-1: Types of Errors Table 12-2: Exception Class Properties Table 12-3: Types of Errors
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Figure 12.15 Equivalent circuit for calculation of open-circuited voltage gain of a CB device. ZS: source impedance, ZL: load impedance.
A second way of computing P,,(eJ") is to compute the Fourier transform of ) . ( X first and to derive P,,(ej") from X(ej"). By inserting (5.192) into (5.201) and rearranging the expression obtained, we get
After making sure the plugin will load the proper textdomain and all the translation constructs added, you have to add the textdomain to all translation constructs. All of the constructs, __(), _e(), _c(), and __ngettext(), require a second argument for translation. This argument is the textdomain and looks like __( A string , textdomain ). Fortunately, there is a PHP console script provided by WordPress as a separate download that will automatically convert all the translatable elements to the proper format. You can download it at
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Another way to complete condensation of an inorganic matrix is a treatment of the deposited lms at different humidity in combination with slightly elevated temperatures. This approach, called delayed humidity treatment (DHT), enables controlled mesoorganization and condensation of the metal oxides (e.g., SnO2) with a low condensation rate.53,54 The thermal stability of such mesostructures is, however, low. So, in most cases, just semicrystalline metal oxide lms can be obtained. The thermal stability of mesoporous frameworks substantially increases with an increase in the wall thickness and pore size, which can be varied even for the same template by changing the processing conditions. Ozin et al.55 developed a way to prepare crystalline titania lms with a 2D-hexagonal architecture by replacement of ethanol in the Pluronic-containing precursor solution with more hydrophobic butanol-1. The latter promotes phase separation at low surfactant-to-titania ratios, resulting in thicker pore walls, which are more compatible with the crystal growth during subsequent calcination. Fabrication of the mesoporous crystalline structures is greatly facilitated by the use of a more robust template, which is able to withstand the conditions of crystallization in a broader temperature range. This was demonstrated by introduction of two families of block copolymer templates: KLE (KL PEO)19 and PIB b PEO,18 which substantially extend the applicability of EISA toward preparation of different classes of crystalline metal oxides with developed mesoporous architechture. Both families of polymers feature large hydrophobic/hydrophilic contrast because of a large size and the different polarities of hydrophilic and hydrophobic blocks. This large contrast makes their selfassembly less sensitive to the character of the surroundings, ensuring fast micellization and mesoorganization in different precursor solutions. The larger size of the micelles and their enhanced thermal stability makes the mesostructure more robust and better adapted to accommodation of the growing crystals. Using KLE as a template, preparation of various crystalline metal oxides with highly periodic mesoporous structure becomes possible using a relatively simple synthetic procedure.56 Besides TiO2 (see Fig. 9.5)21 and other transition metal oxides, such as SnO2,36 WO3,57 -Fe2O3 and -FeOOH,58 indium tin oxide (ITO),59 and many others, even oxides with very high crystallization temperatures such as Al2O360 and HfO2,61 were prepared without loss of mesoporosity. The necessary condition for successful preparation is stabilization of the inorganic skeleton before onset of crystallization, which is achieved by a prolonged treatment below the crystallization temperature. Crystallization, which is started by heating to higher temperatures, is actually a solid solid transformation of a completely condensed amorphous network into the crystalline phase. The metal oxides templated with the KLE polymer possess structural similarity from a close packing of the spherical KLE micelles, leading to formation of bcc cubic periodic structures after their self-assembly. Condensation at elevated temperatures leads to the unidirectional shrinkage of spherical micelles in the direction perpendicular to a substrate plane,
6.5.5 Window Parameters
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