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Security and Active Directory
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PNNI Signaling Sequence
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GET THE SCOOP ON... Mobility Center Power Management Power states Tablet PCs Understanding ClearType Windows SideShow Setting up VPN Offline settings
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Migrate Documents and Settings
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7: Design Concepts
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the parallel tree will not return results. You must think of trees in the forest as peers; hence, a forest was used to symbolize this instead of a larger tree.
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The Registry Editor
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No External References
The Power Options applet in the Control Panel controls power-saving features on the computer, such as turning off system peripherals after a speci ed idle time and setting up hibernation (suspend to disk). You can con gure power settings and save the con guration as a power scheme, making it easy to switch between different groups of settings. The UPS page of the Power Options property sheet controls the UPS service. If a UPS is connected to the computer via one of the computer s ports, the UPS page shows UPS status such as estimated runtime and battery condition. You can con gure the UPS through the UPS page or select a different UPS.
After your laser printer is physically working, you should follow the manufacturer s instructions for configuring it. In Windows, all the settings will live on the printer s property sheet. Laser printer configuration settings can be many and varied, but here are a few tips that may be useful:
When visitors browse your Web site, you need to let them know when you wrote the content of a page. Without letting them know it, they have no idea whether the information is recent or several years old.
The Grid and Guides dialog box appears.
Figure 15.8 Unequipotentiality of a large ground surface changed to equipotentiality by means of /4 micro strip line. Micro strip line Top metallic area Bottom metallic area
Printed Inductor
Figure 4.5.14 Spectra of Pu-238 radioactive source and Fe K line measured simultaneously in 64 strips of a silicon strip detector read out by a 64-channel ASIC
(a) Output impedance, Zout , of a designed block is assigned to match to ZL but not 50 .
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