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In a more general model (see also Section 7.3.3), the PDP is the sum of several delayed exponential functions, corresponding to multiple clusters of Interacting Objects (IOs): Ph ( ) = Plc c c Psc ( 0,l ) S ,l (7.5)
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Part II: Building Intelligence into Your Parts
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Multimedia Messaging Service
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When you check the exit status of the script, you ll get the value used as the parameter of the exit command:
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Simulations of airplanes, both civilian and military, were once among the most common games on the store shelves. Companies would actually fight over the rights to build games based on certain planes in use by the U.S. Air Force (Figure 24.9) and the U.S. Navy. Now, the release of a new flight sim is a rare and wonderful occurrence.
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born, and in some parts of the world parents are practicing their own eugenics by using this technology to selectively abort daughters. This practice has resulted in signi cantly more male births than female and could lead to severe unintended consequences. It has been suggested that when the ratio of adolescent boys to girls reaches a critical level, it increases the propensity for war, and, given the size and proximity of the countries involved, the wars could be bloody ones. As another example of misguided eugenics, royal families have traditionally tried to keep their blood pure by intermarrying. This agrant disregard of the smelly T-shirt imperative leads to an undiversi ed gene pool with higher rates of, you guessed it, X-linked genetic defects like hemophilia. Despite the historical evidence, if you still believe that humans should be actively tinkering with their own gene pool, then let s at least base it on our current understanding of genetics. As in nance, diversi cation is good unless you re fond of bleeding, bad eyes, and persistent parasites. Its bene ts are prominently borne out by the success of golfer Tiger Woods, actress and model Halle Berry, and President Barack Obama. Eugenics enthusiasts, I offer you a new goal: Have you considered banning marriage between people of the same race
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We have been riding this planet as passengers for a while now, and it s about time we learned to y the thing. But if you have tried the ight simulator of 5, you will have gained a feeling for how
Most print devices today have settings for print quality, paper size, printer trays, duplexing, and other whiz-bang features. You probably want to print your r sum on good paper at high dots per inch (DPI), your draft documents at low quality, and duplexed on the cheap paper. With Windows, you can create different printers (Windows printing software plus appropriate device driver) that print to the same print device but with different settings. That way, when you print a document, and select the appropriate printer from the print dialog box, the printer you selected will automatically have the correct settings for paper, print quality, and paper tray already configured. You may feel that you re doing the impossible, but you re not; you re just leveraging the different facets of your printer s personality.
The .NET runtime provides powerful new parsing features previously unavailable to Visual Basic developers. In particular, the new Parse method; which gives you flexibility on what you can do with incoming data, what you can return to the caller, and the control you have over the manipulation of the data. The Parse method is a member of the NumberStyles enumeration, which lives in the System.Globalization namespace. Consider the following example: Dim strX as string = "$123,456,789" ' Now we need to do some math Dim intX as integer = intX.Parse(Globalization.NumberStyles.Currency) Console.Writeline(intX * 3)' returns 7037034 Parse essentially takes a string value that represents a numeric value, and converts it to a numeric base type. The idea is that you need to convert or manipulate data that is not necessarily in the perfect format. With the Parse method, you can use its members to tell the compiler that certain rules apply to the data before you act upon it. Table 5-7 lists the available members in the Parse method. Table 5-7: Parse Members Member AllowCurrencySymbol AllowDecimalPoint AllowExponent Description Currency symbol is allowed. Decimal point is allowed. An exponent is allowed. The format of the number should be {e|E} [{+|-}] n, where n is a number.
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