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Power Supply
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sion. EDFAs are further limited by their inability to amplify wavelengths shorter than 1525 nm [23, 27]. Raman ampli cation requires no ber doping and usually is accomplished throughout the length of the transmission ber itself in a con guration known as distributed ampli cation, rather than in a discrete ampli cation, or lumped ampli cation con guration such as that employed by EDFAs. Raman ampli cation occurs as a high-energy (i.e., high-frequency, short-wavelength) pump wavelength is sent in the reverse direction (i.e., in the direction opposite the signal transmission) from the output end of the ber span, where the incoming signal is weakest. The pump wavelength, which generally is in the 1450-nm range (E-band), interacts with atoms in the crystalline lattice of the ber core. The atoms absorb the photons and quickly release photons with energy equal to the original photon plus or minus the atomic vibration. In other words, a frequency/wavelength shift occurs as the pump wavelength propagates along the ber in the reverse direction. The energy lost in the pump wavelength is shifted to longer wavelength (within about 100-nm) signals in the forward direction, thereby serving to amplify them. Raman ampli ers offer the advantage of amplifying signals in the broad range extending from 1300 to 1700 nm. Further, they perform better than EDFAs in terms of Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR). Raman ampli ers increasingly are used as preampli ers to enhance the performance of EDFAs in DWDM systems [27 34]. The concept and effect of Raman ampli cation is explained very effectively in the following analogy: As you are crossing an old wooden bridge at a walk, you feel the normal slow oscillation of the bridge under the weight of each of your own steps. Then a much larger person is running toward you from the other end of the bridge. The vibrations, or oscillations, you create are waveforms, and they move in both directions. The same is true of the waveforms created by the runner. But those created by the runner are stronger (he is heavier) and longer (he has a longer stride). Your waveforms and those of the runner meet in the middle. Some of the energy from the runner s waveforms is transferred to your waveforms, which are re ected right back to you with greater strength. Optical Switching 1 introduced various switching technologies, including circuit, packet, frame, and cell switching. That very brief introduction will be expanded considerably in subsequent chapters, as will several other approaches. All of these approaches are implemented at the electrical level. That is to say that, whether the transmission medium is electrical, RF, or optical in nature, the switching system is electrically based. The transmitted signal is interfaced to the switching
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Aero and the Vista interface
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After you create separate user accounts for all your children, you can start creating personalized controls for each of them. To access the Parental Controls window
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Regardless of what name service you are using today, the direction that you need to head is LDAP. If you are still using NIS and are not ready to transition to LDAP, consider hardening it as we ve explained in the preceding section. If you re using NIS+, plan to migrate to LDAP in the next year or two; NIS+ is not likely to be available in any release of Solaris after Solaris 9. If you can, set up an LDAP server and a client or two in a test environment. Run through your transition plan in the lab environment long before you attempt to migrate your production systems, giving yourself plenty of time to get used to the LDAP services and the configuration of both servers and clients. In this chapter, we introduced LDAP as a Solaris naming service, compared it with other naming services available on Solaris, and provided overviews of LDAP, NIS+, and NIS.
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Utilities for handling files Utilities for manipulating text Utilities for managing processes
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As mentioned earlier, the Phone application can multitask, meaning you are free to do something else while talking on the phone. To see what this experience is like, put the call on speakerphone (you don t want to be rude) and tap the Start button. The phone will navigate to the Start screen, but as you can see in Figure 13-16, a small call overlay will display at the top of the screen, providing you with access to the full-sized call overlay. Just tap this overlay to return to the normal overlay. Otherwise, continue navigating around the system. You can check your e-mail, browse the Web, search with Bing, look at your calendar, and perform many other tasks while talking on the phone. Eventually, of course, you may want to end the call. When that happens, just tap the small call overlay and then tap End Call. It s that simple.
Core, Con guration, Networking, and Communication Services
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4: What s New in the Windows 7 User Experience
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Figure 9.23 A black box video capture device
Mean Carried Teletraffic (Erlang/km2/MHz)
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