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8.1 8.2 8.3 Introduction Radio Communication on Flat Rayleigh Fading Channels Diversity Combining 8.3.1 Performance Evaluation 8.3.2 Special Cases Error-Control Coding for Wireless Channels 8.4.1 Error-Detection and FEC Block Coding 8.4.2 Convolutional FEC Coding 8.4.3 ARQ Schemes 8.4.4 Effects of Fading on Coding Performance Space-Time Coding MIMO and STC 8.6.1 Design of Codes for MIMO Systems 8.6.2 Capacity Limits for MIMO Systems 8.6.3 Practical Considerations for MIMO Systems Questions Problems Projects Project 1: Error Rate on a Fading Channel for QPSK Modulation Project 2: MRC for BPSK Modulation
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The probability that during time t zero packets are generated is thus Pr(0, t) = exp( p t) (17.11)
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Exploring Advanced T-SQL Solutions
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6. Click the Zune device icon to display the Device Status screen (Device Status) shown in Figure 14-45. From here you can see an almost life-size device icon (again, in the correct color and style) with Just Added, Now Syncing, and Syncing sections that, together, give you an idea of how well the synchronization process is going. There s also a Total Space Used graph on the bottom that indicates how much of the device s storage space is used.
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28.6.4 Power Control
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1:8 Splitter Distribution Fiber
11. Draw a line from one corner of the square down, trying to avoid any automatic relations such as coincident relations to other points and any AlongX, Y, or Z relations. Connect the other three corners of the square with the free endpoint of the new line, as shown in Figure 31.23.
Hide Dangling Dimensions And Annotations
Inside Scoop
mysqltest_embedded mysqltestmanager mysqltestmanagerc mysqltestmanager-pwgen mysql_tzinfo_to_sql mysql_upgrade mysql_upgrade_shell mysql_waitpid mysql_zap
7 Click the Close button ( ) to
Part VII
The Flex feature is different from most other features in SolidWorks. Most other features create new geometry, but Flex (and Deform, which follows) takes existing geometry and changes its shape. Flex can affect the entire part, or just a portion of it. Flex works on both solid and surface bodies, as well as imported and native geometry. Figure 7.60 shows the Flex PropertyManager interface. Flex has four main options and many settings. The four main options are as follows: n Bending. Establish two trim planes to denote the ends of the bent area, and specify an angle or radius for the bend. n Twisting. Establish two trim planes to limit the area of the twist, and enter the number of degrees through which to twist. n Tapering. Establish two trim planes to limit the area of the taper. The body will be larger toward one end and smaller toward the other end. n Stretching. Establish two trim planes to limit the area to be stretched. You can stretch the entire body by moving the trim planes outside of the body.
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