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8. Repeat Step 7 for all of the components, assigning each component to its own layer. Notice how this makes the parts easier to identify.
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SetAutoScrollMargin (Public Instance Method)
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Creating DVD Movies with Windows DVD Maker
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7: Understanding the WordPress Database Class
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FIGURE 8.15 The default Vista Sidebar
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sudo vim /etc/bind/named.conf.options
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This seemingly slight strengthening of the assumptions (10.13) - (10.16) has dramatic effects. Assume that u* satisfies (10.26) and (10.27), and define a functional E* through
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then from (12.60) it can be found that the beta cutoff, or corner frequency, ,CE, is
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SPECIATION AND SURFACE ANALYSIS OF SINGLE PARTICLES electron beam diameter is larger than the analyzed particle), they also performed chemical shift analysis on particles. Changes in electron binding energies with the chemical environment of atoms result in chemical shifts of peaks in the acquired spectra, providing information on oxidation states. With the X-ray information on chemical bonding, the analysts were able to differentiate between chemical species present in investigated particles. Chemical shift analysis is also possible with WDS, but this was never routinely performed because of the long scanning times involved. Therefore, when the much faster, high resolution microcalorimeters are further improved and commercialized, they would undoubtedly provide signi cant bene ts for particle analysis, certainly if they were combined with FEG-SEM in order to analyze small particles. In order to perform X-ray analysis with FEG-SEM, Newbury et al. (1999) equipped a microcalorimeter detector with a polycapillary X-ray optic to increase the solid angle of the instrument by a factor of 300 (dependent on photon energy), since the standard solid angle of the detector was too small to obtain statistically useful spectra with a nanoampere beam within 100 1000 s. The developers often publish the status of the performance of the microcalorimeter (Wollman et al., 2000b), and in the future, efforts to improve the detector resolution, counting rates, low-photon cut-off and the solid angle are to be expected. A technique, which has been reported to use a different X-ray detector geometry, rather than new detector technology, is grazing exit EPMA (GE-EPMA). In this technique, the X-ray detector (WDS or EDS) is positioned at low takeoff or exit angles in order to minimize the effect of the substrate on the acquired spectra, whether by tilting the sample or by moving the detector with a step-motor. Tsuji et al. (1999a c, 2001) have discussed this technique and its advantages in this book, but, in short, it offers a better detection of X-rays coming from very small particles or thin layers. An additional aspect regarding particle analysis is the speci c detection of signals coming from the top layers of a particle only. Coated particles or particles with a core-shell structure
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The ListBox control allows you to place an HTML select box on a Web page within a form and program against it. Within the code of the document, the ListBox control is written as <asp:dropdownlist>. (See the following code.) <asp:ListBox id="Listbox1" DataSource="<% databindingexpression %>" DataTextField="DataSourceField" DataValueField="DataSourceField" AutoPostBack="True|False" Rows="rowcount" SelectionMode="Single|Multiple" OnSelectedIndexChanged="OnSelectedIndexChangedMethod" runat="server"> <asp:ListItem value="value" selected="True|False"> Text </asp:ListItem> </asp:ListBox> The ListBox control allows the user to select one or more items from a group of items (see Figure 35-9). The ListBox control is different from the DropDownList control in that it allows more than one selection if the SelectionMode is set to Multiple. The default setting is Single, meaning that the user can only make a single selection from the list. Note To select mutiple items, the user must hold down the Ctrl or Shift key while clicking the item with the mouse to make the selection. Also, unlike the DropDownList control, the ListBox control can show more than one selection at a time. In fact, you can program the list box to be as large as you want it to be and to show any amount of items within the box. In Listing 35-7, you build a page that uses the ListBox control and displays the user's selections within a Label control. The result of the code can be seen in Figure 35-9. Listing 35-7: <asp:listbox> Code Example
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Windows Server 2008 File Systems
Environment Variables
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