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Figure 12.9-1. Layout of layer 3 messages on the Um interface. (From GSM 04.08 Version 4.10 0. Courtesy of ETSI.)
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The Parting Surface is part of the SolidWorks Mold Tools. The Mold Tools are beyond the scope of this book.
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Management Studio s Query Editor can open and work with a .sql file even when not connected to a server. Query Analyzer in previous versions of SQL Server had to be connected to a server before a query file could be edited.
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amount actually present in the printer. You can usually print a configuration page from the laser printer s LCD panel to verify how much RAM it has.
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Victoria s Secret is now a major chain with 900 stores doing $2.4 billion in sales with a major catalog division that does $870 million by itself. But back in 1979, it consisted of just three small stores and a catalog all founded by an entrepreneur named Roy Raymond. And that is when Barbara Dunlap attended my seminar. The ad she wrote helps illustrate many of the principles you ve learned in this book and also points to a few she overlooked. Let s start with the headline and subheadline. If you were a man or a woman reading through a newspaper, you might stop dead in your tracks if you saw the following:
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Industry Interviews
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0 15.0 (b) 15.1 15.2 15.3 Angle (degree) 15.4 15.5
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6 Click OK to accept any selections
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Virtual Tributary and Virtual Container: A Virtual Tributary (VT) carries one form of signal, such as a DS-1, DS-2, or DS-3 signal within a byte-interleaved frame. SONET can map as many as seven Virtual Tributary Groups (VTGs) into a single Virtual Path, and as many as four VTs into a VTG, as illustrated in Figure 9.17. (Note: The math matches T-carrier, which maps 28 T1s into a T3. Recall that SONET is based on T3.) A VT is a bit-transparent TDM connection that may be channelized (e.g., a 24-channel T1 for voice) or unchannelized (e.g., a clear channel T1 for full-motion video). VTs are sized to accommodate the originating signal and in consideration of the legacy digital hierarchy. VT1.5, for example, operates at 1.544 Mbps (T1), VT2 at 2.048 Mbps (E-1), VT3 at 3.152 Mbps (T1c), and VT6 at 6.312 Mbps (T2). Individual VTs are distinguished by the use of a pointer, which identi es the position of the VT within a VTG, which might comprise a group of VT1.5s, within the STS frame. The pointer also provides synchronization in a SONET environment. The SDH equivalent of a VT is a Virtual Container (VC). Tributary Unit: A Tributary Unit (TU) is a VT along with a pointer that enables switching and cross-connecting. SONET Frame Format
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Cover (Gold-plated)
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3. What are the benefits of creating a dual boot installation of Vista with a previous version of
Anycast addresses use the same physical structure as unicast addresses. Unlike unicast addresses, however, anycast addresses are assigned to multiple nodes. Currently, only routers can use anycast addresses. A router that needs to send a packet to an anycast address uses a neighbor discovery mechanism to locate the nearest node that owns the speci ed address. The router then sends the packet to that node.
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During the Save As process, a new folder was added to the Design Library named Bosses, as shown in Figure 18.10. Notice the new icon for the library feature in the lower window. You may notice that some of the default library features saved in the Design Library have a bluish background. This occurs because of the SolidWorks viewport background color, which you can set in Tools Options Colors. Even if you never see that color because you are using a gradient background or a scene, SolidWorks still uses the color specified by that setting as the background when saving thumbnails and previews. I always set this color to white for this reason, so that document backgrounds in previews do not have the blue color. You may want to orient and zoom the library feature before saving it, so that it displays clearly in the panel. One of the techniques that I like to use is to make the base feature a different color than the library feature itself; this helps you to more easily determine what is the geometry that will be transferred and what is just dummy material.
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