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Fractional T1 (FT1), originally offered in Canada, rst was tariffed in the United States in 1987 by Cable & Wireless. Now offered by many LECs and IXCs, FT1 provides T1 functions and features but involves fewer DS-0s. It is offered in fractions of T1 channel capacity, generally at 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, or 12 DS-0 channels. Subrate transmission also is available at speeds of 9.6 kbps. FT1 is particularly applicable where relatively small branch locations connect to a more signi cant location such as a regional of ce. There they connect to a full T1 mux or nodal processor, which aggregates the traf c with that of the larger site over a full T1 or T3 backbone network. Figure 7.14 provides a graphic view of an FT1 in an example private Tcarrier network con guration. As is the case with T-carrier in general, FT1 serves not only voice applications but also videoconferencing, data communications, and other applications that require more than 56/64 kbps but less than a full T1. It should be noted that FT1 is no less resource intensive than a full T1. The same four-wire circuit is required, as is the same CSU/DSU and other equipment. Essentially FT1 is a T1 with some number of channels deactivated. Therefore, some carriers charge the same for an FT1 local loop as for a full T1, although there may be some savings
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FIGURE 24.29 The Psychonauts options interface
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A favorite subject for cartoonists used to be the mechanical man. Next came the electronic computer or mechanical brain that could solve extremely complicated problems with lightning quickness. Last year the Bell System demonstrated a service that may give the artists a new inspiration a device that lets machines talk over telephone lines to other machines. Known as the Dataphone service, this arrangement lets customers send up to 800 words a minute over telephone lines from a business machine to another machine, or machines, throughout the country. Any type of information that can be recorded on tapes or cards may be transmitted. . . . The new system is about ten times faster than previous methods [telex and TWX] and will be a great help to businesses that send large amounts of business information. Telephone Almanac, Bell Telephone System, 1959
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Installing Zune is fairly straightforward. The setup application presents a simple wizard that installs the software and gets you up and running quickly without reboots. When setup is complete, you can run the Zune PC software for the first time. You ll be confronted with the screen shown in Figure 14-5. You can customize settings at this point or jump right into the player. We strongly recommend taking the time to customize settings. As with Windows Media Player, it s not wise to accept Microsoft s default settings. In fact, in one particular case, it can be downright dangerous.
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of 100 individual coal and wood y ash particles, originating from Hungarian power plants, is determined by the above-described iterative MC quanti cation method. In Figure 6.1.16 measured and simulated XRF spectra (corresponding to the nal iteration step of the MC calculation) of a typical coal and wood y ash particle are shown, measured by a mono-capillary based laboratory micro-XRF setup. This instrument is installed at the University of Antwerp (UIA) making use of a high-power rotating anode Mo X-ray tube (Janssens et al., 1996). The agreement between the measured and simulated spectra is satisfactory for both types of y-ash particles, both with respect to the uorescence line and scatter peak intensities. The trace element content of the y-ash particles was determined from the micro-SRXRF measurements at HASYLAB Beam line L. In Figure 6.1.17 two examples of simulated (result of the nal iteration) and measured spectra corresponding to the two types of particle are shown. Using the elemental composition of the (low-Z) y ash matrix, determined from the tube-excited measurements, the trace element content of each individual y-ash particle could be determined and the results are summarized in Table 6.1.2. In Table 6.1.3, the average minor and major elemental concentrations and the variation in the particles of the wood and coal y ash particles determined on the basis of 40 wood and 60 coal y ash particles are shown. The same major elements could be detected in both types of y ash and these elements are visible in most of the particles. The major element concentration ratios are different in the two cases: in the case of wood y ash a higher concentration of S and Cl can be detected (originating from the organic component of the wood) while in case of the coal y ash the amount of elements characteristic to the mineral such as Si, Ca, Fe is larger. In the case of coal y ash a higher number of potentially hazardous trace elements, e.g. Cu, As, Pb, are detected. The variation of the elemental concentrations is large for both types of particles showing the highly inhomogeneous nature of the ash material.
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Figure 5.29: Call dropping probability versus mean carried traffic of a CDMA based cellular network using fixed received Ec/Ia based soft handover thresholds in conjunction with 0.5 Hz shadowing anda standard deviationof 3 dB for SF=16.
team. However, in some organizations, such as an enterprise with many branches, the PKI or support teams might not be local to the users that need the service. The restricted agent thus can be used to designate a branch manager or other trusted employee to act as an enrollment agent without having to have a slew of security credentials.
11.4 TECHNOLOGY LIMITS 11.4.1 Systematic and Random Mismatch
on the Internet, accessible via either dedicated Web sites or dedicated newsreader programs.
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