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Getting More from Your Sketches
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When you are using a full data-audit trail, the row s creation date and last-modified date can easily be derived from the audit table. In reality, when an application displays the created and modified date for a table in a large user-interface grid, I strongly recommend denormalizing the row s created and modified dates and storing the columns directly in the audited table.
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File size has a negative effect on speed when you are sending data across the Internet or working across a network. If the data is on your hard drive, then storing data instead of calculating it offers a big benefit.
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Boolean Comma-separated list of IDs Integer String String ASC, DESC Comma-separated list of these values: id, url, name, target, description, owner, rating, updated, rel, notes, rss, length, or rand Boolean Boolean Boolean Boolean Boolean Boolean String String String
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nel allocation based TDD DS CDMA residential indoor system, in IEEE 6th International Conferenceon Universal Personul Communications, ICUPC 97,(San Diego, CA), pp. 228-234, October 1997.
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Library parts should never contain in-context references, especially if the in-context references are out of context. Small library assemblies may have in-context references between the parts, but a single part should not have features created in-context. External references may be unavoidable in the form of mirrored or inserted parts, but in-context references are completely avoidable.
As HTML content goes, this is pretty sparse, although it gets the job done. I cover HTML in proper detail in 4. For now, this completes your tour of Apache. Let s move on to another vital service to be provided by most servers: email. Figure 3.6 The default page for the Ubuntu Apache server
Managing Keyword and PPC Campaigns
Database Schema for WordPress MU Site table
Figure 9.4. Wigner distribution of the sum of two modulated and time-shifted Gaussians; (a) tl = t z , w1 # wz; (b) tl # t z , w1 = w2.
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