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In addition to the list of available functions within a report, the expression editor now contains IntelliSense to assist with expression syntax, as well as statement completion features. The new Interactive Sort feature enables a report author to specify sort criteria for columns in a table, which enables the report to be sorted by the user at runtime. The Report Designer in Visual Studio 2005 includes various report items to format reports. The List, Table, Matrix, and Textbox report items provide great flexibility for displaying data, and the Chart report item enables reports to contain visual representations of the data. In addition to controlling the data within the report, parameters and expressions can be used to control nearly any visual aspect of a report. The Reporting Services 2005 product delivers an outstanding reporting solution. As a developer, you will be hard-pressed to reach the limits of this technology; and if you do, just extend it to meet your needs. After all, a report is just a collection of XML that complies to the open and extensible standard of RDL. As a business decision-maker, you will find yourself in awe of the convenience, reliability, stability, and performance offered by this technology.
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'Fill the instance with a string containing an XML _ document oXMLDocument.LoadXml(sXML)
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RDF Schema takes a step further into a richer representation formalism and introduces basic ontological modelling primitives into the web. With RDFS,
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WinRAR isn t the only compression game in town. If you re looking for maximum squeeze capabilities, look into WinRK ( Other more popular alternatives to consider include PKZIP for Windows (, WinZIP (, SecureZIP (, and 7-Zip (
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Tags work like document properties, except that they do not need a property name; they just use a value. A tag could be considered simply a keyword that you can associate with a part in an assembly or even a feature in a part. Tags can be searched by SolidWorks Explorer or by the FeatureManager Filter. You can assign tags by clicking the yellow tag icon on the status bar in the lower right-hand corner of the SolidWorks window. Figure 2.27 shows a tag being added to a feature.
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Logons are quicker using sites and defined subnets.
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