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While I m discussing great Bing functionality that didn t make its way to Windows Phone, shopping comes immediately to mind. On the PC Web, Bing s Shopping experience ( is unmatched and is in fact one of the best reasons to use the service. It works much like local search, but with categories related to product types such as Baby & Nursery, Beauty & Fragrance, Books & Magazines, Cameras, Clothing & Shoes, Computing, and so on. Inside of each of these categories, too, are sub-categories. So if you navigate into, say, computing, you ll see items such as Computers, Input Devices, Mobile Devices, Printers, and more. (These sub-categories are often further broken down into additional sub-categories, so keep digging.) The Bing Shopping experience can be seen in Figure 9-31. Where Bing Shopping really starts to get interesting is in its search results. Rather than a rote text listing like many other search types, Bing Shopping provides a more visual results list that includes product images, as in Figure 9-32. It s not as visual as image search, but that s by design: In Bing Shopping, you can see the product and other information, including ratings, without navigating to sub-pages.
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SelectedText (Public Instance Property)
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1 Select a slide with animation. 2 Click the Animations tab. 3 Click Animation Pane.
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Working with Specialized Functionality
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Conventional wisdom is that the UPS is better because no switchover time is involved, but most modern SPS devices switch over so fast from line to battery power that they ll work just fine (and often at less cost). decode pdf417 pdf
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Part V
The Verify tab.
Group I (G1) standards were published by the EIA in 1966 as EIA RS-328 (Recommended Standard). The EIA standard was accepted by the ITU-T in 1966 as the T.2 mode of operation and became known as Group I (G1). That standard, now considered obsolete, speci ed analog transmission with modems using double-sideband modulation. (Note: The process of Amplitude Modulation (AM) results in the creation of two sidebands. An upper sideband is above the carrier frequency and a lower sideband is below the carrier frequency.) Group I machines conforming to international standards use Frequency Modulation (FM), transmitting at two frequencies, with 1500 Hz pegged as the white frequency and 2300 Hz as the black frequency. The North American standards peg 1500 Hz as white and either 2300 or 2400 Hz as black. As Group I machines
Reproduced with permission from Harryson et al. [2010]. Copyright IEEE.
SS7 is de ned in terms of messages and functions; hardware architecture issues are left to equipment manufacturers. The signaling system is divided into a number of protocols (or parts), each of which handles a group of related functions. The interfaces between those parts were de ned in the early stages of the speci cation work. The various parts could then be speci ed simultaneously and independently of each other. That has made the overall speci cation effort more manageable.
Neutral Plane draft
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