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The Scroller Thumbnail action resizes the existing images to 100 pixels wide, keeping the height in proper proportion.
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Migrating an application by copying registry values will only work if the application s setup process does not perform any other tasks other than copying les to a set of folders and modifying the registry. Changes such as registering DLLs cannot be duplicated with a simple registry copy. Therefore, running the installation process on the target servers is, in many cases, the only way to install an application. Even so, migrating the registry keys could enable you to duplicate the con guration of an application after installation.
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Figure 4.40 Equivalent circuit of ring micro strip balun.
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Along with the Radial and Diameter dimensions, you may also want to dimension between arcs or circles, from tangent or nearest points. To do this, press the Shift key and select the Smart Dimension tool to select the arcs near the tangent points. Alternatively, to change a dimension from a center-to-center dimension to a max-to-max dimension, you can drag dimension attachment points to tangent points or use the dimension properties. n
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that has worked fine over the past few years Are local economies conducive to consumers spending on new computers and parts Two other issues have caused alarm among users, but these are not universally shared concerns. The first is the price: There have been a number of rumblings online and at the water cooler about the pricing scheme. Speaking to the communication problems we mentioned earlier in this section, the Windows Vista pricing information leaked to Canadian press and then appeared on the Web site. This pricing information is given in the following section. Given the cost of buying some of the on-board features, such as PGP to replace the disk encryption or third-party DVD ripping software, prices seem to be relatively fair, though certainly not cheap. The second issue is the increased integration of DRM (Digital Rights Management), which involves the protection of audio and video copyrights. This issue is discussed in greater detail in the Windows Media section.
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Feeds: Contains RSS feeds to which you ve subscribed. (You ll examine RSS feeds
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Automating Database Maintenance with SQL Server Agent
Expected Operational Range
Figure 25-16: The Recorded Problem Steps file documents what went wrong.
and closing tags, instead, it is a singular element. With XHTML, you would now display the <hr> tag as <hr/> when you are programming it.
11. Click Next.
The Architecture Vee Model
every three is WordPress-powered. powers more than 50 blogs for CNN and also runs blogs at Dow Jones, the New York Times, People magazine, Fox News, and the Wall Street Journal. Even the United States federal government has gotten in on the game. With the newfound adoption of all forms of social media within the halls of the government, it s not surprising that many agencies have made WordPress their blog platform of choice. In 2008, the following agencies claimed to be using the software internally or externally:
SEO Strategies
The rectangle macro is a very simple macro that performs a set operation using standard SolidWorks input forms for the dimensional data. While that was a very simple macro, the macro in this section is an intermediate-level macro; it is still not highly complex, but it may take more than an hour to put together. The interface, or user form, is shown in Figure 32.5.
Looking Outside the Organizational Footprint
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