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The future of voice processing is very bright, indeed. While such systems initially were a North American phenomenon, they now are commonplace around the world. Speci c technology futures include archival applications, multimedia/uni ed messaging, voice-to-text, voice-to-fax, and language translation. Computer telephony has impacted voice processing to a considerable extent, with the application software residing on a LAN-attached server in the form of an industrial-strength PC running a commercial operating system. (See 3.) The server runs at high clock speed, has a high-speed internal bus, and includes substantial Random Access Memory (RAM) and hard-drive memory. CT systems may allow the front-end voice processor to actually process the call, connecting the caller to the target station without the involvement of the switch. Typical of the evolution of program logic, some manufacturers of smaller telephone systems have reduced much of the voice processing software to the chip level. Embedding the core voice processing functions in ASICs, this rmware approach enables much faster system operation than a software approach, although it sacri ces some level of programmability at the user level. In order to overcome this limitation and to permit the user organization to customize the application, a combination of rmware and software is necessary to drive system operation. Archival technology has been developed to allow voice messages to be saved on an external archival system in the form of digitized audio les, although this technology is not widely available. While voice processing systems currently enable the user to archive a message within the system, internal memory limitations generally tightly restrict the number and length of stored messages. Multimedia messaging, also known as uni ed or integrated messaging and uni ed communications, enables multiple messages in multiple formats to be developed, coordinated, and networked. A voice message can, thereby, be associated with a text or image document. A voice processor acting as a front end, for example, might recognize a fax tone and store the fax along with the voice message; subsequently, the target user can listen to the voice message while viewing the fax document. The ability to store voice, textual (e-mail), image (fax), and even video messages in a single mailbox and to access them from a single point of interface has obvious advantages. Unfortunately, the underlying technologies required are complex and generally remain unaffordable at this time. Although CT systems provide the user with the ability to accomplish this feat relatively easily through coordinated access to multiple media from either a telephone set or a computer monitor, such systems currently are not widely implemented. While text-to-speech and speech-to-text systems enable the remote worker to access a range of message formats from a single device, the messages typically must be presented sequentially, rather than simultaneously if a telephone is used. Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and more substantial tablet and laptop computers allow the user to view message lists. Advanced pager technology, while impressive, is particularly limited in this regard.
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pose of this test is to identify if traces are susceptible to disruption or components and other circuits sensitive to ESD energy. Locally injecting pulses via direct, capacitive, inductive, or differential means has proved to be an effective way of achieving this diagnostic technique. Alternative ESD Test Simulator. For in situ testing related to an ESD event and when one does not have access to an ESD gun, the item used in Figure 7.12 has been found extremely useful [15]. This is a piezoelectric gas lighter modified to be an ESD gun. These inexpensive lighters require only two enhancements. One is to secure a wire to the barrel for grounding purposes: the other is to insulate the center conductor to prevent the generation of a spark, which is not good for job security reasons. The output waveform is unknown but could probably be calibrated using the test fixture detailed in IEC/EN 61000-4-2 [10]. What is achieved when using this simulator is a high-energy transient event that simulates ESD when a real simulator is unavailable. The advantages of using a piezoelectric gas lighter are that it is low cost for a quick test and has the ability to find a weak spot in a system in minimal time away from the EMC test facility, related to an ESD event. A piezoelectric lighter is better than not having any test equipment. Another ESD simulator is one that simulates different forms of ESD in the environment that are not covered by current standards. The electromagnetic fields from these ESD events have been shown to cause problems in electronic equipment. Characteristics of these unusual forms of ESD include fast rise times and multiple events over a few seconds. Examples include internal chair discharges and jingling change in one s pocket. One can induce voltage in nearby circuits with rise times much faster than present ESD standards, which gives a bandwidth rating of up to 1 GHz. Simulation of this nature emulates real-world events.
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The numeric test conditions can be used to evaluate both numbers and variables. Here s an example of doing that:
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the data stream and spreads it across the circuits on a consistent and coordinated basis, and the receiving mux reconstitutes the composite data stream. Clearly, the two devices must synchronize carefully with each other and with the transmission characteristics of the individual paths and channels in order to minimize errors and delays. An individual communication might spread over multiple switched circuits, dedicated circuits, or channels on multichannel circuits. A broadcast quality videoconference, for example, requires a full T1 (1.544 Mbps). Assuming that a full T1 is currently unavailable between two locations, the mux might split the signal across portions of multiple T1s and recombine at the receiving end. Inverse Multiplexing over ATM (IMA) fans out an Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) cell stream across multiple circuits between the user premises and the edge of the carrier network. Where signi cant levels of ATM traf c are destined for the WAN, a single circuit of appropriate bandwidth may either be unavailable or too costly. In such a circumstance, multiple physical T1 circuits can be used as a single, logical ATM pipe. The IMA-compliant ATM concentrator at the user premises spreads the ATM cells across the T1 circuits in a round-robin fashion, and the ATM switch at the edge of the carrier network scans the T1 circuits in the same fashion in order to reconstitute the cell stream (Figure 1.14). There is a similar Implementation Agreement (IA) for Frame Relay (FR), and Multilink Point-to-Point Protocol (MPPP) serves much the same purpose in the Internet domain. 1.8.6 Data over Voice and Voice over Data
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command finished, the etc.list file contained a list of all the files in the /etc folder on my system. Next, I used input redirection to send the contents of the etc.list file to the more command so I could view the file list on the monitor. That was useful, but again, a somewhat clunky way of producing the information. Instead of redirecting the output of a command to a file, you can also redirect the output directly to another command. This process is called piping. The pipe symbol is the bar operator (|):
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Private Sub Button2_Click _ (ByVal sender As System.Object, _ ByVal e As System.EventArgs) _ Handles Button2.Click Airplanes.Clear() MessageBox.Show(Airplanes.Count.ToString) End Sub
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On the other hand, power supplies are a low-margin item, so the retail stores typically stock very few models. Also, I ve been less than delighted with the quality (and price) of some of the power supplies I ve bought in computer stores. Another option is your PC manufacturer. However, this option may not be an ideal solution either. When I called Hewlett-Packard for a power supply for a little Pavilion home PC I d recently purchased, the company advised me that I couldn t get just the power supply, I had to take a whole new PC as my only warranty repair option. (This brain-dead tech support policy is becoming common among vendors that market lines of home PCs one reason I prefer buying small business PCs even for home.) I didn t want the hassle of moving all my circuit boards, disks, and memory over to a new PC, so I said forget about the warranty, I ll buy the power supply. (I m a big spender when the amount is under $50.) Identifying the right part took an hour and lots of phone calls, only to find it was back ordered three months. Adding insult to injury, the replacement unit was the same wimpy 100-watt rating as the original, and I couldn t order a bigger one. I went out onto the Web and found a unit that met my needs in about ten minutes. It was more powerful, cheaper, and quieter than the original unit, and it arrived the next day. I now buy almost all power supplies over the Internet. If you can find the right model at PC Power & Cooling, that s a good company with an excellent Web site (www.pcpowercooling.com). If not, visit your favorite search engine and key in the model of your PC and the phrase power supply.
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are assumed to be uniformly small:
Like the master database, the msdb database, by default, uses the simple recovery model. Because the msdb database contains information regarding the SQL Server Agent jobs and schedules, as well as the backup history, it should be backed up whenever you do the following: Perform backups Save DTS packages Create new SQL Server Agent jobs Configure SQL Server Agent mail or operators Configure replication Schedule tasks The msdb database is backed up in the same way that a user database is backed up. To restore the msdb database you do not need to put the server in single-user mode, as you do with the master database. However, it s still not a normal restore, because without a current msdb, Management Studio is not aware of the backup history. Therefore, the msdb backup can t be chosen as a backup database but must be selected as a backup device.
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29. Ciciora, Walter S. An Overview of Cable Television in the United States. http://people. deas.harvard.edu/~jones/csciE-129/nu_lectures/lecturE-13/pdf/CATV.pdf. 30. Data over Cable Service Interface Speci cations FAQ. Cable Television Laboratories. www.cablemodem.com. 31. Nikolich, Paul. Cable Modems Deliver Fast Net access. Network World, March 1, 1999. 32. Finneran, Michael. The Cable Modem Picture Comes into Focus. Business Communications Review, March 1999. 33. www.cable-modems.org/tutorial. 34. Coveting Coax Cable. Network Magazine, November 2001. 35. Buckley, Sean. Packet over Cable. Telecommunications, March 2001. 36. Fanfelle, Robert. DOCSIS 2.0: Upping Upstream Performance in Cable Modem Designs. CommsDesign, June 19, 2006, http://www.commsdesign.com/design_corner/ OEG20020617S0011. 37. Barthold, Jim. Cable Telephony: Available in a Variety of Packages. Cable World, October 9, 2000. 38. Sweeney, Can. Cable Telephony Gains Momentum. America s Network, August 1, 2000. 39. Cable Industry Reaches 3 Million VoIP Subscriptions. OSP Magazine, March 24, 2006. 40. Sweeney, Daniel. LMDS: Finally Ready for Prime Time America s Network, August 1, 1998. 41. Sweeney, Daniel. LMDS: How Competitive America s Network, August 15, 1998. 42. Willis, David. LMDS: Is It a Little Too Much, a Little Too Late Network Computing, February 8, 1999. 43. Dunlop, Amy. Wireless Access Enters Real-World Trials. Internet World, May 1997. 44. Bernier, Paula. Carriers Charge Ahead with 38 GHz. X-Change, February 15, 1998. 45. Pappalardo, Denise. Worldcom Adds Wireless MMDS Area. Network World, August 20, 2001. 46. Rysavy, Peter. MMDS Struggles to Find a Foothold. Network Computing, October 29, 2001. 47. Gohring, Nancy. MMDS Shifts Gears. Interactive Week, October 1, 2001. 48. Sweeney, Daniel. A Second Chance for MMDS. Broadband Wireless Business, September/October 2003. 49. Nicopolitidis, P., Obaidat, M. S., Papadimitriou, G. I., and Pomportsis, A. S. Wireless Networks. Wiley, 2003. 50. Eklund, Carl, Marks, Roger B., Stanwood, Kenneth L., and Wang, Stanley. IEEE Standard 802.16: A Technical Overview of the WirelessMANTMTM Air Interface for Broadband Wireless Access. IEEE Communications Magazine, June 2002. 51. Melby, Nathaniel J. WiMax: Facing the WMAN Challenge. ACUTA Journal of Communications Technology in Higher Education, Summer 2005. 52. Barthold, Jim. Countdown to Plug-and-Play. Broadband Wireless Business, May/June 2004. 53. Dornan, Andy. The WiMAX Anticlimax. Network Magazine, December 2004. 54. Horak, Ray. WiMAX: WLL by the Numbers. Commweb, July 29, 2005, www.commweb. com. 55. Mathias, Craig and Rysavy, Peter. The ABCs of PCS. Network World, November 7, 1994.
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